Is There Any Penis Enlargement Cream That Works?

It is funny to me that so many Nigerian men believe that using a penis enlargement cream can actually increase the size of their penises…

Well, to be honest there was a time long ago… when I also used to think that using special creams could give me a bigger penis…

Using A Penis Enlargement Cream In Nigeria Would NOT Increase Your Penis Size.

Using A Penis Enlargement Cream Would NOT Increase Your Penis Size.

At that time in 2007, erotic magazines (e.g. Best Lovers which used to be known as Better Lovers) were always having adverts of different types of penis creams. Each of these adverts was always hyping their own brand of creams as being capable of causing penile enlargement.

SUMMARY: There is NO penis enlargement cream that would give you a bigger penis. The penile tissues cannot be enlarged by using topical products (creams, oils or lotions). Buying any of these so called creams is just a waste of your money.

If you are interested in enlarging your penis, one natural method that is safe, effective and guaranteed is by engaging in regular penis exercises for a period of time.

You can gain 2 – 3 inches in the length and girth (circumference) of your erect penis by exercising your penis.

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The advert copy would explain how the creams contain some special ingredients that could penetrate the penis skin and get to the penile tissues and make them grow both in length and thickness…

Later I realized that they were all outright lies!

Don’t be deceived by all the scientific stuff that they used to describe these creams.

Let me go straight to the point…

There Is NO Penis Enlargement Cream That Can Enlarge Your Penis!

When it comes to actual permanent penile enlargement, these creams are totally useless – they are just a waste of money.

Although there are some creams that “may” assist in increasing the strength of your erection when you rub them but when it comes to measurable penis size increase they do NOT work!

Virtually all the penis enlargement creams sold whether online or in sex shops are fakes. In that if you buy them thinking that you are going to get real and measurable increase in the length and thickness of your penis… get ready to get disappointed.

The anatomy of the human penis just doesn’t allow topical products (oils, lotions and creams) to affect its size in any way.

If you are serious about increasing the size of your penis, then you should stick to these natural penis enlargement methods that actually work. You can use any of them either alone or you can combine them:

  • Penis Exercises
  • Water-Assisted Penis Pumps (Hydro Penile Pumps)
  • Penile Traction Devices (Penis Extenders)

Drop the idea that there is one penis enlargement cream, lotion, oil or gel that can help you in getting a larger penis.

Here are quick explanations of the safe and effective natural penis enlargement methods to choose from if you want to increase your penis size:

1.) Penis Exercises

Yes there are exercises that target the tissues inside the penis and force them to grow.

Just like you can make the muscles in your arms, chest and thighs grow by engaging weight training exercises so can you grow your penis by doing penis exercises.

Penis Exercising Works In Giving You A Bigger And Stronger Penis.

Penis Exercising Works In Giving You A Bigger And Stronger Penis.

Unlike regular type of exercises, you do not need any equipment to engage in penile exercising all that is required is your two hands.

With penis exercises, you would be using your hands to manually force your penile tissues to stretch and expand by using different techniques.

The whole concept of natural penis enlargement is that you apply a stress on your penile tissues that they are not used to and they re-grows into slightly bigger sizes after healing themselves.

Engaging in penis exercises is easy for you to do… still it requires some effort from you. It is an effective and safe way to enlarge your penis. However you must be doing the exercises correctly if you want to achieve any meaningful penile growth.

It is better that you are following an actual penis exercise program if you want to use this method.

This is because you need to have a detailed understanding of how natural penis enlargement works, how to maximise penile growth and also how to do the penile exercises properly.

You should get a good penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) that contains detailed explanations of how the exercises are performed in addition to videos and pictures… so that you can be exercising your penis properly right from when you start.

Exercising your penis takes 20 – 30 minutes for your daily routine. You only have to do them 3 – 5 times in a week; you need at least 2 days of rest. For you to see impressive penile growth, you have to be prepared to stay committed to penis exercising for 2 – 6 months.

Penis exercises can increase both the thickness and length of your erect and flaccid (soft) penis. The other benefit that these exercises give you is harder erections and improved ability to last longer during sexual intercourse.

You would notice a clear increase in the size of your penis after 4 weeks of regular exercising. You also see improvements in erection strength and sexual stamina after 2 weeks of regular exercising.

Good penis exercise programs are affordable to any Nigerian man that is interested in getting a bigger penis.

If you don’t mind putting effort to make your penis longer, stronger and thicker then you should start exercising your penis by following a good penis exercise program.

The Penis Enlargement Gym Program contains detailed descriptions, pictures and videos on how to get the maximum penile growth from penis exercises – Click Here Right Now to get it!

2.) Water Assisted Penile Pump

A water assisted penile pump as the name implies requires water for it to work properly. It uses water suction/pressure to force the penile tissues to expand and stretch.

Using A Water-Assisted Penis Pump Would Give You A Thicker Penis After A Few Months Of Regular Use.

Using A Water-Assisted Penis Pump Would Give You A Thicker Penis After A Few Months Of Regular Use.

This device is different from the popular penis pump that you know of… those ones are called vacuum penis pumps. They are not meant for penile enlargement, they are for giving men with erectile dysfunction instant erections.

If you want to use this device for penile enlargement then you have to commit to using it for at least 15 minutes per session. You would have to do 4 – 5 “pumping” sessions per week. You need to do this consistently for 4 – 9 months.

This device requires lesser effort than penis exercising.

Using it is easy. You fill up the cylinder tube with water and put your penis inside it. Then you press down on the cylinder towards your penis base/pubic area repeatedly till suction is formed.

After a while of using the device on a regular basis, you would have to change the pressure gaiter at the bottom of the cylinder tube to a stronger one because the penile tissues would have adapted to the force that it is applied on them.

You Can Use The Device Anytime You Are Having Your Bath In The Morning.

You Can Use The Device Anytime You Are Having Your Bath In The Morning.

When you use a water-assisted penile pump, it only works for increasing the thickness of your penis. It really doesn’t affect your penile length… you need to know this before you buy the device.

You can easily include using the device in your daily routine; all you need to do is use it anytime you have your bath. Just an extra 15 minutes in the bathroom.

If you decide to use this method of penile enlargement, make sure that you get a high-quality product… stay away from the cheap ones that are either Chinese replicas or fakes – they either wouldn’t work or would injure you.

Go for only high-quality brands of device. A high-quality brand that is popular is HydroMax Bathmate and it goes for about ₦107,000 ($320) – make sure you only buy it from the manufacturer’s website.

3.) Penile Traction Device

This method of penile enlargement is effortless. You only have to wear the device on your penis and you go about your normal life.

A penile traction device applies a constant “traction” force on your penis. It might look like nothing when you wear the device but after a few weeks you would notice a slightly longer penis.

Using A Penile Traction Device (Penis Extender) Would Increase The Length Of Your Penis After Months Of Regular Use.

Using A Penile Traction Device (Penis Extender) Would Increase The Length Of Your Penis After Months Of Regular Use.

The device is not heavy or bulky. You can wear it and put on your boxers and trousers and it would not show.

The continuous traction force that the device applies on your penile tissues causes little tears in them. During the time when you are not wearing the device, the tissues repair themselves and also become slightly longer. This cycle repeats itself every day that you use the device.

The requirement is that you must wear the device every day for 4 – 8 hours. You would have to use it for 4 – 10 months before you are happy with the penile length increase that you would get.

Using a penile traction device works only for increasing your penis length. The device was designed for only that. You would not get any increase in the thickness of your penis if you use a penile traction device alone.

Using A Penile Traction Device Is Effortless - You Wear It Under Your Clothes.

Using A Penile Traction Device Is Effortless – You Wear It Under Your Clothes.

If you only want to lengthen your penis then make sure that you get a high quality device direct from the manufacturer’s website – avoid buying from retailers online or in shops – they are likely selling the Chinese replicas which are fakes!

Original penile traction devices usually cost about ₦115,000 ($350).

If you only want to get a longer penis and you are interested in using a penile traction device then you should go for the SizeGenetics device – it is a high-quality product with good reviews online.

There you have it – you do NOT need a penis enlargement cream to get a bigger penis. Stick with only these natural methods that work:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Hydro Penile Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penile Extender (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

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