How To Make Progress When Using Natural Penis Enlargement

By natural penis enlargement, I mean the use of methods that force the tissues in the penis to grow. I am referring to:

I would be discussing the steps that you need to follow if you want to make good progress when you start your penis enlargement quest. First, I would start by talking about women’s preferences when it comes to penis size, then how you can know if you are making progress.

What Penis Size Should You Aim For And How Do You Get It?

I discovered a chart showing female penis size preferences however the chart does not show how many females were asked, their ethnicity, whether they were shown artificial/model penises so they can truly see what size that they prefer.

From popular comments online and in my own few experiences, I would say the ideal erect penis size is closer to 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth. But, it doesn’t mean that every woman demands this size from a man before she can enjoy sexual intercourse.

The chart shows that 8 inches in erect length and 6.25 in erect girth is the ideal size for women.


Chart Showing Women's Preference In Penis Size.

Chart Showing Women’s Preference In Penis Size.

The average erect penis size irrespective of ethnicity, age and nationality is between 5.5 inches and 6 inches.

As you would see in the chart, after a certain size, bigger is no longer becomes better… which makes perfect sense because there is a limit that a woman’s vagina can take. Still, penis size still matters a lot to women when it comes to sex!

In one survey, half of the women said that they have faked orgasm just to avoid hurting their partners with small penises.

Now, if you look at where the average size stands in the chart, then you can understand why women sometimes fake having orgasms – what women want and what men have to offer in terms of penis size is the issue here.

When it comes to girth (circumference), the general mentality for a lot of women is that if their fingers easily touches when they hold your erect penis in one hand, then your penis is on the thin side.

If you want to visualize erect penis girths, then look at a can of Red Bull (which is 7 inches in girth), a normal coca cola can is 8 inches… now you can see why so many Nigerian and African men are interested in natural methods of penis enlargement.

How You Can Know If You Are Making Progress In Your Penis Enlargement

It is obvious that the best way to know that you are making progress in your natural penis enlargement quest is to measure your penis. The question now becomes, how often should you measure your penis… daily, weekly, bi-weekly?

After Some Weeks Of Penis Exercising You Should Measure Your Erect Penis Length And Girth - You Would Record Some Amount Of Penis Growth.

After Some Weeks Of Penis Exercising You Should Measure Your Erect Penis Length And Girth – You Would Record Some Amount Of Penis Growth.

You should measure just once every 4 weeks!

This is the best interval for measuring your penis size. This time interval gives your body enough time to see noticeable penis growth – so you would be able to know if you penis has actually increased in size.

Whenever you measure, you need to know that even if you experienced small penis growth, it is going to be part of an overall large growth. What is important is that your penis is enlarging gradually. This is important for you to be able to know where your growth is coming from.

Some Steps To Help You Test And Make Penis Enlargement Progress

By testing carefully, you would be able to know what approach works best for your penis growth so that you can exercise effectively and efficiently to be able to achieve your penis enlargement goal.

Here are some tips:

1.) Before starting natural penis enlargement (whether you are doing penis exercises or using a device like penile extender or water-assisted penis pump) measure your erect penis length and girth and write it down in a notebook.

2.) Test one exercise technique at a time over a 4 weeks period (e.g. penis lengthening exercises, penis thickening exercises, using a penis extender, using a water-assisted penis pump etc.)

3.) Jot down the results that you have seen over the 4 months of doing whatever natural penis enlargement technique that you chose.

4.) Observe which techniques gave you more penile length and girth and they exact exercises or things that you did and write it in your penis enlargement notebook every day.

5.) If you are noticing penis growth, continue doing whatever you are doing until you notice that the penis growth has stopped. Then you try adding a 2nd exercise and test it for 4 weeks so that you can see whether you experience any penis growth before you combine them.

By doing this, you would know which technique is responsible for the results that you are getting.

6.) When you have added another exercise or device to your current plan that is working, ensure that you continue writing down everything that you do and repeat these 5 steps again.

How To Maximize Your Penile Enlargement Growth

Here are a few tips to help you in maximizing your penis growth:

1.) Always ensure that you are recording everything including the dates of when you exercise or use your penis device. Don’t assume that you would remember everything.

Write it in a notebook that is meant for your penis enlargement or you can create a spreadsheet or text document on your computer so that you can record properly.

2.) When taking pictures of your penis, always include a ruler or a tailor’s tape rule. This would give you visual proof of your penis growth.

3.) Make use of a calendar to monitor your penis enlargement exercise sessions and to help you stay on track.

4.) Keep track of everything related your penis enlargement. From the type of exercises you did, how many repetitions you did of each exercise, how much time you spent on each repetition, how long your penis exercise session lasted etc.

5.) Once you discover that you have seen penis growth, don’t adjust anything you are doing until you stop seeing penile growth.

6.) Whenever you feel pain while doing penis exercises, using a penile extender or water-assisted pump just stop whatever it is you are doing and rest. Don’t make the foolish mistake of injuring yourself.

Even though natural penis enlargement is completely safe, you still need to apply common sense and do it properly.

Are you unhappy with the size of your penis?

There is no need to be… you can make it bigger. Using any of my recommended methods (penis exercises, penile extender or water-assisted penis pump) would help you in achieving your desire of a longer, thicker and bigger penis.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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