Man Drags Doctors To Court For Cutting His Penis By 3 Inches!

The angry surgical patient says he has lost half of his penis length!

This incidence happened in Croatia, a man has taken surgeons to court for reducing his penis by 3 inches in a failed penis enhancement surgery. The man is a 57 year old artist by the name of Željku Nosiću and he had been suffering from Peyronie’s disease for over 2 years ago.

In case you don’t know what Peyronie’s disease is, it is a sharp bend in your erect penis that makes it difficult and also painful to have sexual intercourse.

Željku Nosiću decided to undergo surgery to correct the curve on his penis.

Sadly, things did not go as planned and he says that the doctors did not tell him about the negative side effects of the surgery. So, after undergoing the surgery and when the wounds on his penis had healed, he was shocked that his penis had become a lot shorter… almost 3 inches was gone!

In his words “the penis surgery was supposed to help me, but I ended up with half of my penis gone!” This is a depressing thing for Željku Nosiću, who spent a lot of money for the surgery and still did not get the surgery he was looking for.

Now, Željku Nosiću has dragged the doctors to court, because asides from the fact that they did not tell him that he might lose some of his penis which is negligence, he also believes that they didn’t do the surgical operation properly.

It is a bad case for Željku Nosiću – this is the reason why I always advise AGAINST undergoing penis surgery. The results are usually unpredictable. Peyronie’s disease is not so common but there are enough men that suffer from it.

Non-invasive methods of dealing with Peyronie’s disease are: penis extenders and penis exercises.

These two methods help in straightening the penis gradually. They don’t give instant results like surgery BUT you assured that nothing would go wrong and you would not lose half of your penis when you try them.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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