Can Penis Pumps Make My Penis Bigger?

Penis pump is a device that uses pressure (air or water) to make the penis longer and thicker. In almost all cases, it is composed of a plastic cylinder that you wear on your penis – while the compression ring is located at the base.

So How Do These Pumps Work?

First of all you need to be aware that there are two kinds of penis pumps that are available to you right now – the vacuum and the hydro pump.

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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Penis PumpWhen you use these type of pumps, you just wear the plastic cylinder around your penis and you sort of pump air out of the plastic cylinder. This creates a vacuum and it allows blood to rush quickly into your penis faster than how you would normally have an erection.

Your penis would become visibly bigger and you would be required to wear a rubber compression ring to stop the blood from flowing out of your penis.

The problem is that vacuum pumps are not meant for penile enlargement. There are so many companies that fraudulently market vacuum pumps as being able to give you a bigger manhood permanently.

My advice is that you stay away from vacuum pumps. These products would NOT enlarge your penis permanently – all you would get are some painful annoyances that you did not bargain for.

A vacuum pump does nothing for your sexual stamina and you still don’t get a bigger penis permanently. Here are a few of the downsides of using these kinds of devices:

  • The tube causes lymph blisters similar to the kind that you get on your hand when cutting “stubborn” grass with a cutlass.
  • The pressure from these devices usually causes ruptures in the tiny blood vessels that are in your penis and can cause internal bleeding. This would not kill you but continuously using this kind of pump can give your manhood serious damage.
  • After a few months of use, you would start having difficulties in achieving an erection.
  • The worst thing is that you can become dependent on a vacuum pump to get an erection.

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My advice again is simple – stay away from vacuum pumps if you don’t want problems in your sex life!

Hydro Penis Pumps

Penomet Water Assisted PumpHydro (or water assisted) pumps are a bit different from vacuum pumps. The major difference is they work with water instead of air. Water in the cylinders is used to fill the penis with blood and you get an erection immediately.

The reason why hydro pumps work better is that it uses a better process in causing and maintaining an erection – this is all because the pressure from water distributes the pressure around your penis better than air.

When using water assisted pumps, you are better of using warm water as it boosts your results tremendously.

Before you begin using hydro pumps, you need to fill the pump with warm water – you either do this in a bath tub filled with water or a warm shower. Since a lot of Nigerian men don’t have bath tubs or a functioning shower, just get a big bucket of warm water and pour on your penis and inside the tube. The warmth helps in the tissue stretching and expansion. There are two brands in the market that stand out – Bathmate and Penomet.

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The reason why water based pump work better than vacuum pumps is that they do not cause tissue damage because you don’t have to keep pumping to maintain the pressure in the cylinder.

In 2001, I was thinking of using vacuum pumps to help me in enlarging my penis. I discovered a website called that offered pumps that could help men enlarge their penis.

I almost bought the pump then, but the issue was that I was still in secondary school and I had no way to pay for them since I didn’t have a bank account – I was very naïve then! I am happy I did not buy this device that might have given me unnecessary problems. Some years later I used penis exercises and it worked for me.

So there you have it – if you want to use pumps, go for a hydro pump like Penomet. If you can’t afford this device then you can always use our penis exercise program for Nigerians here.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!

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