Countries Where Men Lie The Most About Their Penis Size!

When it comes to measuring penis size, some men from certain countries add more inches than normal to their penis measurements.

I am sure this is not really surprising after all we all know that it is normal for a man to lie about the size of his penis! Admit it… you know it is true!

However, this report tells us which countries have the biggest liars when it comes to stating their penis size. This survey was conducted by a website called which is a dating site.

Going by an article published in the Daily Mail, the study researchers asked male participants to measure the length of their erect penises, at the same time they asked the female participants to guess how long the erect penis of their last sexual partner was.

The survey uncovered that Australian men are the biggest liars of all… because they exaggerated how long their penis was. The Australian men that participated in the study claimed to have an average erect penis length of 7.09 inches, while the Australian women estimated the erect penis length of their last partner as 5.58 inches – this is a very wide gap!

The most honest men in the study where the Canadians. It seems Canadian men are less likely to brag about how big their penis is. The men from Canada reported an average erect penis length of 7.06 inches, while the women guessed that their last partners’ erect penis length was an average of 6.95 inches – just a difference of 0.11 inches.

And just like the Australian men, the American men (USA) are also big liars when it comes to reporting their erect penis lengths. The American men reported an average erect penis length of 7.3 inches. However the American women don’t go with this measurement and estimated their reported the last partners’ erect penis length as being 6.64 inches on average.

The men from Britain are also big liars as they also exaggerated the size of the penis when asked to measure it. British men measured an average of 6.89 inches when the men measured it themselves, while the British women reported 6.64 inches on average as the erect length of their last sexual partner.

The opposite was what happened with Indian men, as it seems that they underestimated their erect penis length when they were asked to measure. The Indian men in the survey reported an average length of 6.07 inches, while the Indian women reported 6.30 inches as the average erect penis length of their last sex partner. This is a difference of -0.23 inches.

The reality is that when you ask men to measure their penis size by themselves, you are going to have a lot of them exaggerating their size, estimating their measurement wrongly or measuring their penis the wrong way.

And let me also remind you that the participants were limited to the people on membership website so things can get a little distorted on a dating website.

However, the bottom line is that men and women tend to have different awareness about the true size of the penis.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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