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Why You Might Want A Penis Extender!

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Is Masturbation Actually Good for You?

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Which Penis Device Is Better? A Penis Extender Or Hydro Penis Pump?

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Is Delayed Ejaculation A Problem For You?

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Is It Safe To Engage In Regular Penis Exercising?

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Is It Possible To Enlarge The Penis Naturally?

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Yes Your Penis is A Muscle – So You Can Make It Bigger!

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Do You Want A Bigger Penis Fast?

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Here Is The Science Behind Penis Exercises

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Exposure To Sunshine Can Boost Your Libido!

If you have noticed that your libido has reduced lately new research has found out that you can benefit from getting more early morning sunshine which gives you more vitamin D. This means that vitamin D (in form of exposure … Continue reading

Yes It Is Possible To Get A Bigger Dick!

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How To Make Progress When Using Natural Penis Enlargement

By natural penis enlargement, I mean the use of methods that force the tissues in the penis to grow. I am referring to: Penis Exercises Penile Extenders Water-based Penis Pumps I would be discussing the steps that you need to … Continue reading

6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Sexual Drive!

If you have discovered that you sexual drive is not what it used to be or you just want your sex drive to be higher than it currently is following these 6 easy suggestions would help boost your libido: 1.) … Continue reading

Study Says Men Also Require Estrogen For Sex Drive!

In case you don’t know what estrogen is, it is regarded as the primary female sex hormone because women produce more estrogen in their bodies than men, while testosterone is regarded as the primary male sex hormone because men produce more … Continue reading

Study Says Finger Length Is Linked To Penis Size!

I am sure you have heard of the popular thought that the length of your foot is the same length as the distance between your wrist and your elbow. Or that you are likely to be as tall as the … Continue reading

5 Interesting Things About Masturbation That You Don’t Know!

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How To Locate Your Woman’s G-Spot!

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How To Get A Big Dick!

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How To Enlarge Your Dick Size Naturally!

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How To Make Your Penis Bigger Fast!

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Penile Enlargement Techniques That Actually Work!

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How To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally!

If you are looking for how to increase your penis size naturally, there are different methods that are available to you right now. But there are only three methods that can actually give you permanent penis enlargement. These methods are … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Keep You Motivated With Penis Exercises!

If you have decided to engage in penis exercises in order to get a bigger penis, if you don’t do your routine regularly, you would see no results. This is because penis exercises are not a magic method of penile … Continue reading

UK Channel 4 Reporter Proves That Penis Extender Works!

A United Kingdom reporter for channel 4 proved that natural penis enlargement is possible with penile extenders. His name is Tim Shaw and he is a well known and quite eccentric reporter. He wanted to find out if it was … Continue reading

Using Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction?

In some of my articles I have talked about using water-assisted penis pumps for getting a bigger penis, however, there are pumps when used in combination with a cock ring can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotence). Vacuum penis … Continue reading

Do You Have Prolonged Ejaculation?

A lot of Nigerian and African men that have the problem of quick ejaculation would be willing to do almost anything for them to be able to have sexual intercourse for long periods of time without ejaculating. However, there is … Continue reading

How The Health Of Your Penis Is Linked To Your Life Expectancy!

Going by the results of a recent research study, erectile dysfunction can become fatal if you do NOT get proper health checkup and address the problem! Having troubles with your erection is not only bad for your sex life, a … Continue reading

6 Scientific Signs Your Semen Is Strong And Healthy!

Is your semen as strong and healthy as you want it to be? Asides from going to have a proper laboratory test to check the health of your semen/sperm there are other tell tale signs that imply that you have … Continue reading

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Exercises!

If you want to increase your penis size and you are considering using penis exercises, you might have some questions that you want answered before you start any program. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about penile … Continue reading

Does Grandex Extra Large Size Work For Penis Enlargement?

Grandex Extra Large Size is a penis pill that is supposed to help men in increasing their penis size. Nigerian and African men buy it online from e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga or from pharmacies and chemist stores. If … Continue reading

Over 15,000 Penises Measured To Get The Average Penis Size!

In the age old quest to find the answer to the question what is the average penis size, a study was performed by the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) measuring the penis of over 15,000 men. The title of … Continue reading

5 Benefits Of Using A Hydro Penis Pump!

Penis pumps have been around for over 25 years now. They are not really something new per se; however it is the improvement in the technology that has made it an effective and comfortable device. A recent addition to the … Continue reading

Penis Size Or Sexual Stamina – Which Is More Important?

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Does Grandex Xtra Large Size Work? Find Out Now!

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Does MaxMan Male Enhancement Cream Work For Penis Enlargement?

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Does Forever Aloe Vera Gel Work For Penis Enlargement?

Forever Aloe Vera Gel is a liquid supplement that is made by the Forever Living products company. There are a few website that “claim” that drinking this supplement everyday is a treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and it could … Continue reading

Are You Thinking Of Using Forever Living Products For Penis Enlargement?

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Does Vimax Pills Work For Penis Enlargement?

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Does Forever Royal Jelly Work For Penis Enlargement?

Forever Royal Jelly is a dietary supplement that is produced by Forever Living products. Of recent we have been noticing so many adverts on Google and LindaIkejisBlog touting this supplement as a penis enlargement solution. The Forever Living products company … Continue reading