Which Penis Device Is Better? A Penis Extender Or Hydro Penis Pump?

Apart from natural penis exercises, there are two other methods of penis enlargement that can help increase the size of your penis, they are:

Water-based penis pumps or penis extenders

Both Of These Devices Can Give You A Bigger Penis.

  • Water-assisted Penis Pump (also known as Hydro Penile Pumps)
  • Penis Extenders (also known as Penile Traction Devices)

These devices are different in the way in which the way they cause penile growth but the bottom line is they work. The thing is most Nigerian men wonder which is better to use, is it a water-assisted penis pump or a penis extender?

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I would list the advantages and disadvantages of both devices but you are going to be the one to make the final decision on which to get.

Advantages of Water-assisted Penis Pump

1.) Using a water-assisted penis pump would give your temporary and immediately enlargement results. After using it for the first time, you would notice that your penis is slightly bigger. This is because of the force that it applies on your penis because of the water pressure and suction it creates.

2.) You would get rock-hard erections immediately after using a water-assisted penis pump. This is because of the fact that pushes more blood into the penis.

3.) After using this device, you would get a larger flaccid penis because of the increased quantity of blood that would now be in the penis however it is temporary.

4.) Water-assisted penis pumps can also be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. All you need to do is wear a cock ring immediately after “pumping” and you would be able to enjoy penetrative sex with your woman – no need for drugs like Viagra.

5.) Pumping is fun. Most men that use hydro penis pumps enjoy the sensation.

6.) By using the pump consistently, you are guaranteed to get a bigger penis which is what you want.

7.) Because of the manner in which water-assisted pumps work by expanding the penis tissues outwards along the entire penis shaft, these devices tend to favour more increase in penis girth which women prefer to penis length.

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Disadvantages of Water-assisted Penis Pump

1.) You have to set time out of your daily schedule to use a penis pump. However, since it is water-assisted you can use it when you are having your bath in the morning or at night so that it fits in with your daily routine.

2.) You still need privacy to use your water-assisted penis pump.

Advantages of Penis Extender

1.) This method has been scientifically proven as being able to increase penis length effortlessly. In a lot of cases, men use penis extenders even after having penis enlargement surgery so that they get as much penis length as possible.

2.) Once you have worn the penis extender, you can go about your daily activities, like working, reading, watching TV etc.

3.) Most brands of penis extenders are discreet so you can wear it under your regular, everyday clothing without any interference. It is becomes like a normal clothing accessory that you wear and forget.

4.) Because of the manner in which it causes a direct stretching tension, penis extender would give you a much longer penis – it favours penis length over thickness.

5.) Since you are required to wear a penis extender for 3 – 6 hours a day, you are going to experience permanent increase in your penis length faster than when you are doing penis exercises alone.

6.) Penis extenders are comfortable to wear – just make sure you buy a quality brand.

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Disadvantages of Penis Extender

1.) Some of the cheaper and low quality penis extenders that are sold are very uncomfortable.

2.) You would experience little or no increase in penis thickness when using penis extender because the device is designed solely for penis lengthening.

In my opinion, you should not choose between a penile extender and water-assisted penis pump if you want a longer and thicker penis – you should use both… Yes… both.

This is because a water-assisted penis pump would give you a thicker penis when used alone, while a penis extender would give you a longer penis when used alone… so if you want a thicker and a longer penis then use both.

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For penis extenders I recommend ProExtender. And for water-assisted penis pumps, I recommend Penomet.

The problem is that each device costs $320 which means you would have to pay nothing less than $640 for both devices. Most Nigerian men cannot afford this – it is just too expensive.

The other option is using penis exercises. They require effort unlike using devices but it is just as effective. The added benefits that you get from penis exercises is that you would be able to last as long as you want during sex and premature ejaculation would not even exist in your life.

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