Penis Enlargement Creams – Do They Really Work?

It amazes me that there are still millions of Nigerian men that actually believe that using a cream can actually help them in enlarging their manhood.

Using Penis Enlargement Creams Would Not Give You A Big Penis.

Using Penis Enlargement Creams Would Not Give You A Big Penis.

To be fair, I also used to believe it was possible to get a bigger penis using penis enlargement creams. After all on the internet and in erotic magazines (like better lovers and best lovers), there are all always adverts of these penis creams that are hyped as being able to help you in increasing the size of your penis.

All the time, the sellers of these creams make it look like their products have special ingredients that “supposedly” penetrate the skin of the penis and work its way into the penile tissues to make them expand and elongate…


Don’t be the fool that falls for their scam tricks.

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I need to say it bluntly now…

Using Penis Enlargement Creams Would Not Give You A Larger Penis!

Penis enhancement creams are utterly useless when it boils down to actual penile enlargement.

Yes, there are creams that help in giving your stronger erections (like ProSolution Gel) basically because the ingredients that they contain makes your penis more sensitive BUT that is it when it comes to these penis creams!

All the creams that are sold for penis enlargement are all fakes. If you decide to buy any cream in the hope that it would enlarge your penis, you would be disappointed at the lack of noticeable results.

Don’t throw away you hard earned money on penis creams – they don’t work!

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If you really want to get a bigger penis, then you need to consider using any of the following methods of penile enlargement:

  • Penis Stretchers (Penis Extenders)
  • Water-assisted Penis Pumps (Hydro Penis Pumps)
  • Penis Exercises

You need to move on from the false idea that there is a lotion, cream, gel or oil that can actually enlarge your penis.

If you are thinking of using penis extenders, the product that I usually recommend is ProExtender. But, I need to let you know that using penis extenders would give you more length than thickness.

If you are more interested in getting a thicker penis, then water-assisted penis pumps are a better device BUT you may see less increase in length because they tend to favor thickness over length.

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A water-assisted penis pump that I normally recommend is Penomet.

The disadvantage of using these devices (Penomet or ProExtender) is that they are quite expensive for so many Nigerian guys to afford.

A better alternative is natural penis exercises.

With penis exercises, you make use of just your hands to push your penile tissues to expand and elongate – this result in your penis getting bigger overtime.

The advantage of penis exercises is that you can increase both your penis thickness and length at the same time. You would have to do the exercises meant for length and thickness to achieve this.

Now you know – penis enlargement creams are a complete waste of money because they do NOT work!

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  1. Sulivan Ayede says:

    Thanks a lot for your articles, Mr Tayo.I have read so many of them that dwell on sex,and how to satisfy a woman but when it comes to penis SIZE(both length and girth), I am seriously confused about the way forward in achieving my desired result.I tried penis exercise for some weeks and stopped because I didn’t see the result. Just last week I started contemplating going for penis enlargement cream.Now,I have read your articles and don’t know what to do anymore. I need your advice

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