Penis Enlargement In Nigeria: Which Should You Choose?

There are so many products supposedly meant to help you enlarge your penis that are currently being sold today in Nigeria… some of these products include: vacuum (air) pumps, herbal pills, hanging weights or surgery.

Penis Enlargement In Nigeria

A few years ago, natural penis enlargement exercises was by far the most effective and the safest method of enlarging your penis.

Even right now, engaging in penis exercises is still the most affordable method of increasing your penis size.

However, if you are a very busy man and money is not a problem for you, I would recommend that you make use of a combination of penile extenders (it favours length) and water-based penis pumps (it favours thickness).

A penile extender (also called a traction device) is a device that cause penis enlargement by applying a consistent stretch on the penis when worn.

While water-based penis pumps are also known as hydro penis pumps because they make use of water to form suction around your penis which helps expand the penile tissues.

The problem with these devices (penile extenders and water-based penis pumps) is that they are too expensive for the average Nigerian guy to afford. Quality brands like ProExtender and Penomet costs at least 110,000 Naira each!

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As for penis exercises, they are very affordable and they have been around for decades now and they have been proven by hundreds of thousands of men as being effective in penile enlargement.

Stay Away From These Methods Of Penis Enlargement!

Just because you want a big penis does not mean that you should try just any method (or product) of penile enlargement. There are some methods that I would advice that you stay away from them completely.

Brace yourself, you might not like what I am about to tell you:

There are no quick methods of enlarging your penis except penis surgery which comes with a lot of negative side effects!

Yes… all those pills that you read about in your email inbox would never add 3 inches to your penis length in 2 weeks.

And forget about those cheap air “vacuum” pumps that you hear of, they only give temporary results.

Let me explain more about these methods that you need to stay away from.

Air “Vacuum” Penis Enlargement Pumps

Vacuum (Air) Penis Enlargement PumpsThese types of pumps work by sucking out air around your penis (you put your penis inside a cylindrical tube that is closed at the end).

By sucking out the air around your penis, it creates a vacuum which causes blood to rush quickly to your penis to ease the pressure. The makers of these kinds of pumps claim that the increased blood flow to your penis would help stimulate penis growth.

You see these pumps are quite deceptive. When you use a vacuum penis pump, you would see that you erection is slightly bigger than normal.

So, the thing you get from air pumps is temporary enlargement (a slightly bigger penis which goes back to its normal size).

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But, the problem with using this device regularly is that it can cause Peyronies disease (sharp bend in your erect penis), tissue scarring or deformation of the penis which could make your penis look really ugly!

That is not all; you are also playing with the risks of getting blisters, ruptured capillaries and in some extreme cases erectile dysfunction (impotence).

So in summary vacuum (air) penis pumps come with the following negative side effects:

  • You get temporary results that disappear after 30 minutes – 1 hour.
  • They are dangerous if you use them for long periods of time.
  • Pumping too much can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • You are at risk of getting Peyronies disease.
  • You could get blisters on your penis.
  • They can cause blood circulation problems to your genitals.
  • Using pumps can burst blood capillaries.

Penis Enhancement Pills

Penis Enlargement PillsPills are the biggest scam in male enhancement!

First of all, there are no pills that can enlarge your penis permanently when used alone.

The few reputable penis pills companies that I know of give you a penis exercise program that you must use alongside their pills. The truth is that you don’t really need the pills in the first place, you can enlarge you penis permanently by doing the penis exercises only!

There are a few men that have phoned me or emailed me to complain about pills that they bought in Lagos (Ikeja) and used diligently for months without seeing any improvements in the length and thickness of their erect penis.

Don’t be fooled by their advertisement, using these penis pills alone would only improve the blood circulation to your penis and in some cases give you stronger erections, but as for permanent penis enlargement… they don’t work!

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There is no point wasting your hard earned Naira on a pack (bottle) of penis pills that would NOT give you the results that you are looking for.

Even with my warning, the truth is there are so many Nigerian men that are just desperate for an easy and quick way to enlarge their penis that they always get scammed – don’t let this be you!

There are also some pills that come with health risks!

Yes, some men react negative to some pills especially the ones that contain a herb called Yohimbe which a lot of countries have banned.

And most of these pills don’t have NAFDAC number, so you don’t know if they are safe to swallow.

So in summary penis enlargement pills come with the following down sides:

  • They don’t work when it comes to real (permanent) penile enlargement.
  • Even though these pills might give you a harder erection, it is still not the same thing as a larger penis.
  • Pills are usually very expensive.
  • They are potentially dangerous because of the herbs that are contained in some of these pills.
  • If NAFDAC does not approve of some of the ingredients found in these pills then you should be suspicious about consuming them.

Hanging/Penile Weights

Penis Enlargement Weights | Hanging WeightsThere is a belief that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used this method of penile enlargement. And there are a few guys that claim that hanging penile weights on their penis has helped make it bigger.

The truth is the results are usually very unimpressive. You would be looking at a maximum of 1 inch increase in penile length in 2 years! How many men can wait for 2 years just to experience 1 inch increase in the length of their erect penis?

Apart from the long waiting time to see any reasonable enlargement, hanging weights on your penis can stretch your ligaments to the point where you have problems with your erections (or erectile dysfunction).

Another annoying thing about hanging weights is that you would NOT get a thicker penis. Even though you might get a longer penis, you also get a thinner and weaker penis after some months or years.

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So in summary hanging weights on your penis come with the following potential negative side effects:

  • Scarring of penile tissues.
  • Erection problems (weaker erections and even erectile dysfunction).
  • You can even get a smaller penis if you use penile weights excessively.
  • It hinders blood flow to the penis.
  • Penis deformation could occur.
  • Reduced sensitivity of your penis.
  • It can lower your sex drive tremendously.
  • It can cause nerve or ligament damage.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

Penis Enhancement SurgerySurgery should not even be an option on your list!

I hope you have not forgotten about Stella Obasanjo? She wanted to reduce her belly fat and instead of her to go the route of exercising and reducing her food intake she went for liposuction (surgery)… and she died!

Do I need to still warn you of the dangers of surgery in Nigeria?

Stella Obasanjo had her surgery in Europe (Spain), still she died of complications after the surgery – now imagine your chances of surviving penis surgery in Nigeria with its poor health care facilities.

In USA, where cosmetic surgery is big business, they are so many court cases that have come up because of penis enhancement surgeries that gave failed results.

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There is also the fact that surgery is very expensive and it results in more sexual health problems.

Asides from being painful, you have no guarantee that you would be happy with the results. Heck, surgeons cannot even assure you that you would survive the surgery.

Penis surgery carries the risk of damaging your penis permanently – make sure you stay away from it!

There is a natural, safe, affordable and guaranteed way to enlarge both your erect and flaccid penis.

I am referring to penis exercises. You perform these exercises with your two hands only. You can gain 1 – 3 inches in penis length and thickness in 2 – 6 months.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain when you engage in natural penis exercises:

  • Penis exercise programs are very affordable – almost every Nigerian man can afford them.
  • Doing these exercises can enlarge your erect penis length and girth by 1 – 3 inches.
  • Asides for increasing your penis size, these exercises would help increase your sexual stamina, giving you stronger and longer lasting erections.
  • The penis growth that you get would be permanent, so you can enjoy a bigger penis for the rest of your life.
  • You would see noticeable results in as little as 4 – 6 weeks of penile exercising.

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