How The Health Of Your Penis Is Linked To Your Life Expectancy!

Going by the results of a recent research study, erectile dysfunction can become fatal if you do NOT get proper health checkup and address the problem!

Having troubles with your erection is not only bad for your sex life, a new research study conducted in the University of Mississippi says that men suffering from erectile dysfunction have as much as 70 percent increased chances of premature death!

According to the lead researcher of the study (Tobias Köhler, M.D.) since the most popular cause of erectile dysfunction is poor cardiovascular health men suffering from erectile dysfunction have a lot more to worry about than their inability to get erect.

If you have been having troubles in achieving or maintain an erection, it might be a sign that you have heart and cardiovascular issues.

A lot of men that suffer from erectile dysfunction as result of poor cardiovascular health end up having other life threatening issues like a stroke or heart attack with 10 years of noticing problems with their erections, says the lead author of the research study (Dr. Köhler).

The thing with the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis is that they are so tiny (just 1 or 2 millimetres in diameter), so it is very easy for them to get clogged up easily if you are not doing things to keep your cardiovascular system health (basically diet, exercise and no smoking).

The moment plaque begins to increase in your blood vessels because of things like: bad diet, inadequate exercising, smoking, genetics or age – your penis is going to be the first thing that gets affected because the blood flow to it gets blocked off.

It is this blockage that makes it difficult for you to achieve or maintain an erection.

As the plaque increases, it starts affecting the other bigger arteries in the body such as the ones that are connected to the heart. This scenario is what causes heart attack, stroke and sudden death.

So it is important that if you are battling with erectile dysfunction you also need to see a doctor for check up. Erection problems can be an early warning sign that something is going wrong with your cardiovascular system so you need to fix it before it sends you to an early grave.

If you have been having troubles with your erection for more than 3 months – either you cannot get an erection or you cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, I would advise that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about seeing a doctor because you have erection problems… please do NOT go the route of swallowing herbal concoctions to treat your erection problems.

If your doctor finds out that blocked vessels are the cause of your erection troubles, then you are going to have to improve your diet and start exercising regularly so that you can gradually remove the plaque that is causing the problem.

It is also likely that your doctor might prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra in the meantime to help you enjoy sex as you gradually remove the plaque causing the blockage in your blood vessels.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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