Why You Shouldn’t Take Herbal Concoctions For Erection Problems!

If you have erection problems, you need to be extra careful about what you take.

Just because something is herbal or contains herbs in it does NOT automatically make it safe for consumption! A lot of these herbal concoctions or supplements are detriment to your health and if you consume them in huge doses, they can be flat-out deadly!

Some Herbal Sexual Performance Enhancers Used For Erection Problems Could Be Dangerous To Your Health When Used Regularly!

Some Herbal Sexual Performance Enhancers Could Be Dangerous To Your Health When Used Regularly!

In October 2015, Lamar Odom (former professional basketball player in the NBA and ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian) was found collapsed and unconscious at a brothel (house of prostitutes) in Las Vegas.

And what was the suspected culprit for this?

He took a lot of herbal sexual performance enhancer drugs that are sometimes called “herbal viagra” for more than 3 days so he could you know… fuck a lot of prostitutes.

The difference between the real Viagra and the herbal concoctions is that with real Viagra, you can only buy it at a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

BUT with the herbal Viagra and herbal concoctions, you can buy them anywhere… people hawk them… you even have people selling them at bus garages in Nigeria… a popular one is called “Burantashi” which is commonly sold by Hausa men.

Yes… these herbal sexual performance enhancers are considerably cheaper than Viagra or any other prescription sexual performance enhancers (like Cialis and Levitra) that doctors approve off when it comes to improving a man’s sexual performance.

However, you are risking your health if you are consuming these things regularly. Let me explain further why taking these herbal concoctions could be dangerous to you:

Some Of The Popular Herbs Used For Erection Problems Are Untested

Herbal concoctions and even herbal supplements for sexual performance are NOT subject to the same strict testing and approval requirements as prescription drugs (or even over the counter medications) by Nigeria’s NAFDAC and any other African countries food and drug administration body.

Burantashi Is A Popular Sexual Performance Enhancer Usually Sold By Hausa Men In Nigeria.

Burantashi Is A Popular Sexual Performance Enhancer Usually Sold By Hausa Men In Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, NAFDAC (Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) has warned men against using herbal libido-enhancing and sexual performance enhancing drugs once they realized that some Nigerian men have the habit of consuming these things (here is a 2012 newspaper article on the warning).

Also in 2015, FDA Ghana (Food and Drug Administration of Ghana) warned Ghanaian men against using unapproved drugs for sex enhancement and the organization also revoked the marketing authorization for the sale and distribution of male sex booster; Male Silkworm Moth Nourishing Liquid, popularly called Recharger.

The Food and Drug Administration of other African countries also issue regular warnings about these herbal concoctions and herbal Viagras…

Now… you may ask… what is the problem?

For starters… we don’t know what compounds that these products contain!

Even with the herbal Viagra supplements (that have labels on them), the US FDA laboratory tests have shown that they contain no less than 300 types of ingredients that are not listed on the label.

Now, some of these undeclared substances usually included the artificial versions of sildenafil or tadalafil (these are the active ingredients in prescription erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis)… the problem is some of these supplements pack more than 10 times the dose of tadalfil or sildenafil.

As for herbal concoctions (like “Burantashi”), stay away from those ones completely because if you have any complications, the Hausa man or the female hawker that sold it to you would be nowhere to be found to let the doctor know what ingredients are inside their concoctions.

So… assuming you see an herbal supplement, how do you figure out if it could be dangerous to your health even when the label contains an incomplete ingredients list?

Simple… look out for these criteria: a supplement says it would work in under 30 minutes; it claims that is a safe and natural way to boost your sexual performance tremendously; it comes as a single-serving packs; it has Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian or any other language except English on the label.

If the supplement you are considering has any of these criteria, then do NOT buy or do NOT use it in any form!

Some Of These Herbal Sexual Performance Enhancers Have Serious Negative Side Effects

If you go to a doctor and complain about erectile dysfunction or weak erections, before he gives you a prescription for drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra the doctor is going to carefully asses your current state of health and try to treat the underlying cause of your erection problems first.

After that he would ensure that you use the correct dose so that you don’t have to deal with any negative side effects later on. But with herbal concoctions and herbal Viagra supplements, you are on you are on your own and you don’t have any safety measure in place.

The way prescription sexual enhancers works is that they relax your blood vessels so that blood can easily flow into the penis and you can get an erection. Herbal sexual enhancers also contain some of the active compounds in prescription drugs and they also work in the same manner.

But with herbal sexual enhancer they don’t limit their effect to the blood vessels in the penis; they also affect the blood vessels in the areas in the body.

The big problem is this –> relaxed blood vessels in other areas of the body especially to very important organs like the brain and heart is dangerous!

I am talking of low blood pressure which could cause a person to faint! And if blood pressure becomes too low, the brain gets no oxygen which can result in death after 4 – 5 minutes.

The health risks of these herbal sexual enhancers are higher in older men who are on medications for high blood pressure. This is the reason why doctors do NOT prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs for men whose high blood pressure (hypertension) conditions have not been controlled properly.

And when doctors prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs, they ask their patients to come back for period check-ups to monitor them for any negative effects or any dangerous drug interaction that can occur while using these medications.

So, if you are using herbal sexual enhancers on your own, you are likely to be unaware of the dangers that come with doing that. And these herbal enhancers come with more risks than the doctor approved versions, some of them could cause liver and kidney problems if you use them regularly.

So What Do You Do If You Are Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction (Erection Problems)

My advice is that you stay away from these herbal concoctions or herbal supplements that are meant for sexual performance enhancement.

Erectile Dysfunction Can Destroy Your Sex Life If Left Untreated.

Erectile Dysfunction And Weak Erections Are Treatable Conditions.

Then, you should focus on treating or dealing with the underlying cause of your erection problems.

A lot of times this is as straight-forward as improving your general health by: losing excess body fat, adjusting your diet so that you are eating mostly healthy foods, stop smoking and reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink.

For more information on lifestyle habits to make and keep your erections stronger!

If you have made healthy lifestyle changes and you are still having erection problems, just go and see your doctor.

In lot of cases, erectile dysfunction (impotence and weak erections) is the sign of a bigger health problem like: uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension.

In a lot of cases, your erection problems might be caused by stress or dull sex life that has made you anxious about performing sexually. In this scenario, a short treatment using prescription erectile dysfunction drugs would get you back in sexual action.

And if you are currently using herbal sexual performance enhancer, you need to get out of the cycle of needing these things to be able to get an erection… so that they don’t end up affecting your health.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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