Study Says Your Blood Type Affects Your Erection Strength!

According to scientists it seems that they type of blood flowing through your veins actually affects the strength of your erections.

A Study Conducted In Turkey Has Found Out That Blood Type is Linked To Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction!

A Study Conducted In Turkey Has Found Out That Blood Type is Linked To Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction!

I am sure you already know that blood flow is an essential component in having an erection, because if you don’t have adequate blood flow to your penis, you would not be able to achieve full erection or be able to maintain your erection during sexual intercourse.

But, how does your blood type affect easy or difficult it is for you to get strong and hard erections?

Scientists from Turkey conducted a research study that shows that blood type really does affect erection quality. The researchers found out that men who have type O blood were notably less likely to have erectile dysfunction than the men that have any of the other blood types (type A, type B and type AB).

There is more… the study discovered that men with type A and type B blood were 300% more susceptible to have erectile dysfunction than men with type O blood… while men with type AB were almost 400% more susceptible to having erectile dysfunction!

Shocking… isn’t it?

The correlation between these blood types and erectile dysfunction is not as mind-boggling as it looks. This is because there have been previous studies that have shown that some blood types (especially AB) have been associated to some other health issues like: higher cholesterol, heart disease and blood clots (all of which affects the strength and quality of a man’s erection).

The same things that are responsible for these health issues is likely what causes the direct link between blood type and erectile dysfunction.

As a matter of fact, previous studies have revealed that men usually start having erection problems around three years before they also get heart disease.

The reason for this is that the arteries in the penis are a lot smaller than the arteries that are connected to the heart… so these arteries in the penis are going to get affected from damage or plaque buildup first before the arteries connected to the heart.

Scientists believe that men with type A and type B blood have higher levels of adhesion molecules in their blood stream. And this is what contributes to the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

Plaque affects blood circulation to both the penis and the heart – this is what is responsible for the increased risk of erectile dysfunction and heart disease in men with this blood type.

There is also the possibility that the genes of men with blood types A and B is what contributes to the blood vessel damage, which can interrupt the natural biological processes needed in achieving an erection.

I have to point out that this study was retrospective, in other words the researchers did not determine cause and effect. There would have to be more research studies conducted on the link between blood type and erection strength for us to be fully sure.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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