The Basic Anatomy Of The Human Penis!

The Major Components Of The Penis Are: Corpora Cavernosa, Tunica And Corpus Spongeosum.

The Major Components Of The Penis Are: Corpora Cavernosa, Tunica And Corpus Spongeosum.

Since you are on a penile enlargement website, then it is only normal for you to be interested in knowing how the penis works. The penis is an organ that is meant for expelling liquid waste (urine) and semen (sperm). And as you already know, it is also a pleasure organ.

Here is a simple explanation of the structure of the penis; it would help you in understanding this body part that is a symbol of your masculinity.

The penis is mainly made up of the corpora cavernosa, corpus spongeosum and tunica.

The Primary Components Of The Penis

Corpora Cavernosa

These are two cylindrical chambers of penile tissue that span the length and circumference (girth) of the penis. The corpora cavernosa tissue is like a sponge in that it withholds blood when then penis is sexually stimulated.

The corpora cavernosa is the main blood holding chamber of the penis, so if you increase its size (by penile exercises, penile extenders or water-assisted penile pumps), you would be increasing the overall size of your penis.

Corpus Spongeosum

This is a cylinder-like chamber that is made up of tissues. It is the same length as the other two corpora cavernosa. It wraps the urethra (piss tube), which transports semen and urine out of the body. The corpus spongeosum gets thicker at the end of the penis and it forms the glans (penis head).


The tunica is a strong tissue that surrounds the outer part of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongeosum. The tunica limits how much the corpora can increase in size when you are having an erection.

The tunica also gets filled with blood when the penis is sexually stimulated and the pressure within the corpora cavernosa and tunica makes the penis hard enough for penetration into the vagina.

The Anatomy of The Human Penis.

The Anatomy of The Human Penis.

How You Get An Erection

Definitely, as a man you already know “how you get an erection”… you get sexually stimulated and blood rushes to your penis and it “stands up” and become harder… that is the simplistic explanation.

Here Is The Mechanics Of How You Get An Erection.

Here Is The Mechanics Of How You Get An Erection.

However, I would be explaining the mechanics behind how you get an erection. Here is how it plays out:

1.) You get sexual excited by a stimulus which could be in form of: smell, sound, thought, sight or touch. This amplifies the output signal coming from the para-ventricular nucleus that is located in your brain.

2.) The signal gets transported by the spinal cord with the help of the pelvic nerve and relays it to the cavernous nerves which run alongside the prostate gland, before it reaches the blood holding chamber of the penis (corpora cavernosa) and the arteries that supply blood to the penis.

3.) The signals indicate to the corpora cavernosa smooth muscle tissues to relax – this enables them to get filled up with blood. The muscles fibers in the arteries also relax and this boosts the flow of blood into the penis by 900%!

And since the corpora cavernosa is like a sponge, it starts to get filled with blood.

4.) Once the corpora cavernosa gets filled with blood, the tunica cover becomes full stretched – this block off all the blood vessels that remove blood from the penis.

This function of the tunica helps to withhold blood in penis and increase the pressure (which is more than two times the normal blood circulatory pressure) and this causes the penis to stay hard and rigid enough for penetrative sex.

5.) At the same time, the pelvic floor muscles contract. These muscles are located at the base of the corpora cavernosa.

Even though the pelvic floor muscles are not part of the penis, they are an important set of muscles that maintain the pressure inside and around the penis – making the penis “stand up” and point outwards from the body at right angles (and sometimes more that) from the scrotum.

6.) During ejaculation, your brain sends a signal to your body system to produce more noradrenaline. This hormone makes the smooth muscles tissues of the corpora cavernosa to contract and it allows blood to flow out of the penis.

More blood flowing out of the penis than blood flowing into it causes the pressure on the tunica to reduce considerable and it opens up blood vessels that remove blood so that the penis becomes flaccid (soft) again.

How Penis Anatomy Allows For Enlargement

Even though the penis size falls in between the range of what researchers called the “average penis size”, a lot of men either want a bigger penis because they feel it is better or are actually unhappy with their penis size because they feel it is too small.

If you fall into any of these categories of men, natural penis enlargement can help you. When I say “natural”, I am referring to methods that force the penile tissues to grow – so I am excluding penis enlargement surgery (which is dangerous and the results are disappointing).

Natural penis enlargement is divided into two groups – manual and device.

Manual refers to penis exercises where there is no need for any special device; you only need your two hands and determination. Penis exercises are divided into three:

Penis Exercises Can Help In Giving You Stronger And Longer-lasting Erections.

Penis Exercises Can Help Give You A Bigger Penis, Stronger Erections And Ejaculatory Control.

A.) Penis Girth Exercises – These exercises increase the thickness (circumference) of your penis. With these exercises, you would be using the blood in your penis to expand your penile tissues with the help of your hands and they require you to have a partial or full erection to perform them properly.

B.) Penis Length Exercises – The exercises are meant to increase the length of your penis by stretching the tissues manually with your hands. With these exercises, you would be applying tension to stretch the tunica, corpora cavernosa and corpus spongeosum so that they can become longer.

C.) Erection Strengthening Exercises – These exercises do NOT require the use of your hands. Kegel exercises are the main erection strengthening exercises that you do to get stronger and harder erections.

As for penis enlargement devices they are so many of them being sold BUT I would only tell you the ones that I am sure of that works. The advantage of devices is that they are either effortless or almost effortless so you are more likely to stay dedicated to using them than with penis exercises. However, quality devices are expensive.

If you want a quality penis enlargement exercise program, you can try the Penis Enlargement Gym Program (click here for more information on how to get it).

Here are two types of penis devices that can enlarge your penis when used properly:

Water-based penis pumps or penis extenders

Using A Water-assisted Penis Pump Or Penile Extender Can Enlarge Your Penis.

I.) Penis Extenders – These devices were primarily designed for increasing penis length. They have very little effect when it comes to increase penis thickness.

A penis extender works by applying a constant tension (stretch) along the length of the penis. You would have to wear this device for 4 – 6 hours every day. The advantage of this device is that once you have put it on, you would easily forget that it is there.

A quality brand of penis extender that I recommend is the ProExtender System.

II.) Water Assisted Penis Pumps – These devices are an improvement of the old vacuum “air” pumps that were meant for erectile dysfunction (to give men instant erections) BUT in their case they were designed solely for penis enlargement.

Like the name implies, this device uses water suction to create pressure around the penis so that it expands in all directions. With water-assisted penis pumps you would get more increase in girth (thickness) than length.

Using a water-assisted penis pump is easy; you just use it when bathing in the morning or at night. You would have to use it for between 20 – 30 minutes depending on the gators (settings) that you are using.

Although you are required to use this device for at least 20 minutes, it is almost effortless – you just have to be adjusting it once in a while during your “pumping session.”

A quality brand of water-assisted penis pump that I recommend is the Penomet.

That is all I can say about the anatomy of the penis for now.

Tayo Olatunde

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