The Best Penis Enlargers – 3 Options To Choose From!

Do you wish for a longer and thicker penis?

If you do, then you are like millions of other Nigerian men that are looking for a way to enlarge their penises.

Do You Want A Longer And Thicker Penis?

Do You Want A Longer And Thicker Penis?

It does not matter if you have an average sized penis and you would like to be a lot bigger or you have a small penis (erect length is less than 6 inches and girth is less than 4.5 inches) and you are worried about the embarrassment that your manhood is giving you in front of women.

There are ways for you to increase the size of your penis safely and naturally.

Personally, there are only 3 penis enlargers that I recommend because I know that they are safe and completely free of negative side effects.

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Okay, let me reveal to you 3 penis enlargement methods that can help you get a bigger penis so that you can please your woman better during sexual intercourse.

1.) Water-Assisted Penis Pumps

If you are more interested in increasing the girth (thickness) of your penis than the length, then using a water-assisted penis pump (also known as hydro penis pump) is an option you should consider.

Water-based Penis Pumps Like Penomet Work Because They Use Water Pressure To Stretch And Expand The Penile Tissues.

Water-based Penis Pumps Like Penomet Work Because They Use Water Pressure To Stretch And Expand The Penile Tissues.

A Hydro penis pump works by creating suction around the penis using water pressure.

This pressure around the penis causes blood to rush into the penis giving you an erection that is slightly bigger than normal, it is this extra pressure on the tissues that forces them to expand resulting in a bigger penis when you use the hydro pump regularly.

Using water-assisted pumps would cause your penile tissues to expand sideways; this is why it is very effective for increasing the thickness of the penis. In fact you can gain between 1 to 3 inches in girth (circumference) using a high-quality brand like Penomet for 2 – 7 months.

Don’t get me wrong, you are still going to see increase in the length of your penis, however it is not going to be as much as the increase you would get in penis girth.

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An additional benefit that using a hydro penis pump gives you is that you would begin experiencing stronger “rock-hard” erections (just like engaging in penis exercises).

When you use a water-assisted pump regularly, you would improve the blood circulation to your penis because of it forces more blood to flow into the penis, this helps the penile tissues to expand beyond their current sizes so that they can retain more blood either during an erection or when the penis is flaccid.

If you begin using a hydro penis pump (I recommend the Penomet brand), you are going to experience a slightly harder and bigger erection immediately after first use.

Doctors even recommend this type of penis enlarger to men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction (weak erections).

In this case, these men have to use it in combination with cock rings to maintain the erections that they get when using hydro pumps so that they can penetrate their women’s vaginas and enjoy sexual intercourse unhindered.

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If you like the idea of using water-assisted penis pumps then I recommend Penomet – here is a detailed review about this Penomet penis enlarger.

2.) Penis Extenders

If you tend to prefer penis length over penis girth (thickness), you are better of going for a penis extender (also known as penis traction device).

Penile extenders have been scientifically proven as being effective in increase the length of the penis.

Penile Extender Stretching Penis

Penile Extenders Cause Enlargement Because They Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penis For Long Periods Of Time.

With a penis extender (like ProExtender), you would get impressive penis growth in terms of length, however you may not be impressed with the increase in penis thickness (girth).

You would also notice a clear improvement in the strength and hardness of your erections after months of using a high-quality penis extender regularly; however it would not be as remarkable as what you are going to get if you used a water-assisted pump for the same period of time.

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If you prefer having a much longer penis, then I recommend you use the ProExtender brand of penis extender – here is a detailed review about ProExtender penis enlarger.

3.) Penis Exercises

Penis Exercises Can Help In Giving You Stronger And Longer-lasting Erections.

Penis Exercises Can Help Give You A Bigger Penis, Stronger Erections And Ejaculatory Control.

This method takes more effort than penis extenders and water-assisted penis pumps.

This is the method that I used in enlarging my penis when I was a youth corper (NYSC) in 2008.

Even though penis exercises takes more effort than the other two penis enlargers, a high quality penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Penis Exercise Program) is a lot more affordable and just as effective as the two of them combined.

With penis exercises you can experience growth in both thickness and length.

There are exercises for increasing penile length, penile thickness and erection strength.

If you engage in penis exercises regularly for 2 – 7 months, you can experience an increase of 2 – 3 inches in erect penis length and thickness (girth).

However, unlike penile extenders and hydro penis pumps that are almost effortless, penis exercises requires some effort from you. You would have to use your hands to stretch and expand your penile tissues manually all of which are explained in my Penis Enlargement Gym Manual.

So, which of these penis enlargers is the best?

I would say it depends on what your goals are, how busy you are and how much you can afford.

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If you are too busy to even spare 30 minutes and you can afford to pay as much as $297, then I would say go for either penis extenders (if you prefer length more than thickness) or water-assisted penis pumps (if your prefer thickness more than length).

However, if you are like me or most Nigerian men that cannot afford to pay $297 for penis extenders or hydro penis pumps and you can easily set aside 30 minutes, then I say go for penis exercises.

Penis exercises are just as good as using devices and they are affordable to every man that is interested in using them.

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