The Methods Of Penis Enlargement That Work!

Just by doing a search online using the words “penis enlargement”, you would see that there are different methods and products that are available. However, there are just three methods that actually work and are free of negative side effects.

There Are Different Methods Of Penis Enlargement Offered To Men In Nigeria, But It Is Only Three Methods That Actually Work!

There Are Different Methods Of Penis Enlargement, But It Is Only Three Methods That Actually Work!

SUMMARY: Out of all the methods of penile enlargement, I recommend that you engage in penile exercises. This is because penis exercise programs (like my Penis Enlargement Gym Program) are affordable and asides from giving you a larger penis, you would also get stronger and longer lasting erections.

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WARNING: There is a reason why I did NOT mention things like vacuum penis pumps, penile weights, herbs, supplements, pills, creams, oils or herbal concoctions – these things don’t work – using them is just a waste of your hard earned aira.

If you really want to increase your penis size without having to undergo surgery (which is dangerous), then you are limited to the following methods of penis enlargement:

1.) Penis Exercises

Engaging in penis exercises is the most affordable of the three methods. Penis exercising is different from weight training exercises that require the use of equipment.

Engaging In Penis Exercises Is The Most Affordable Method Of Penile Enlargement That Works.

Engaging In Penis Exercises Is The Most Affordable Method Of Penile Enlargement That Works.

All you need are your hands which you would use to manually stretch and expand the penile tissues.

In order words you would be using your own effort to apply the same kind of force that penile devices apply effortless (the only penile devices that work are water-assisted penis pump and penile extender).

Engaging in penis exercises is easy. The only thing is that it requires some effort from you. When you do it properly, these exercises are totally safe and very effective.

This is the reason I recommend that you follow a good penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program). You need a program that would explain how each exercise should be performed correctly so that you are not making mistakes and you can achieve remarkable penile growth.

If you choose to use penis exercises, you need to do the exercises 3 – 5 times every week and you would maintain this consistently for 3 – 6 months. How long you are exercising your penis depends on how long and thick you want your penis to be.

Doing penis exercises regularly would increase both the thickness and length of your penis. The extra benefits that you would get are harder, stronger erections and you would be able to last longer during sexual intercourse.

When you start doing these exercises regularly, by the time you get to the 4th or 5th week you would see noticeable increase in the size of your penis. Your erections would start becoming stronger after the 2nd week of regular penile exercising.

Using a high-quality penis exercise program is an affordable option to any Nigerian man that is interested.

If you decided to use this method of penis enlargement, make sure that you get a program that comes as a detailed manual with pictures and videos… you want to make sure that you are doing the exercises properly right from when you start.

If you are interested in using penile devices but you cannot pay up to ₦104,000+ for a high-quality device, the best option for you is to start following a penile exercise program which is very affordable.

Engaging in penis exercises is the method of penis enlargement that I personally recommend because I used it way back in 2008.

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2.) Water-Based Penis Pump

A water-based penis pump uses water pressure and suction to force the penile tissues to grow. It uses water, so it is different from the regular penis pump (also known as “vacuum” pump) that removes air to create a vacuum around the penis.

Water Based Penis Pumps Require Water To Work Properly.

Water Based Penis Pumps Require Water To Work Properly.

Water-based penis pumps were specially designed to cause penile enlargement.

This is different from vacuum penis pumps that were designed to help men with erection problems achieve an instant erection when used.

Just like the name implies, this device needs water for it to work. So you would have to use it in the shower, bathroom or anywhere in your house that you don’t mind having water spill on the floor.

To be able to achieve penile growth when using a water-assisted penis pump, you would have to use it for at least 15 minutes each day and at least 3 days per week. You would also have to maintain this consistency for 3 – 8 months before you get the amount of penile growth that you are looking for.

Using this device requires lesser effort than penis exercises.

All you need to do use this device is to fill the hollow cylindrical tube with water, put your penis inside and start “pumping”. You pump by pushing down on the hollow cylindrical tube continuously so that suction is formed at the base of your penis.

If you are using water based penis pump, after a while of regular use you would be required to change the pressure gaiter to a stronger one. The pressure gaiter is fixed at the bottom of the tube.

The penile tissues slowly adapt to the force applied on them so in order to keep your penis growing you would have to increase the force by changing to a stronger pressure after 1 or 2 months of use.

You Can Use A Water-Assisted Penis Pump In A Bath-Tub Or Shower.

You Can Use A Water-Assisted Penis Pump In A Bath-Tub Or Shower.

One thing you need to bear in mind is that this method only works for increasing the girth (thickness) of your penis.

Since using a water-assisted penile pump requires water, the best time to use it is when you are having your bath in the morning or in the night. You just need to stay an extra 15 – 30 minutes in the bathroom.

If you are going to use this method of penile enlargement, then I advise that only go for a high quality product – stay away from fakes and replicas!

High quality brands of water-assisted penile pumps are priced at about ₦104,000 ($320) – for most Nigerian men this is too expensive.

If you can afford the price for a high quality device then you should check out the HydroMax Bathmate device.

3.) Penis Extender

Using a penis extender is completely effortless… well almost… you still have to remember to wear it on your penis and leave it on for 4 – 9 hours every day.

Penile Extenders Only Work For Lengthening The Penis.

Penile Extenders Only Work For Lengthening The Penis.

A penis extender is a device that stretches your penis consistently. The stretch is mild and not painful but it is consistent for a long period of time. This is what causes micro-tears along the length of the penile tissues which repair themselves and become slightly longer.

And because of how easy it is to test whether penile extenders work or now, there are so many scientific studies that have been carried out to know if they work or not… all the results say the same thing – using a penile extender diligently would increase the length of your penis.

Here are three of these scientific studies:

Even though it is easy to get a longer penis when using a high-quality penis extender, you still have to follow the important requirements which are: wearing it on your penis for 3 – 9 hours every day and doing that for a time frame of 4 – 9 months.

The Only Requirement Of Using A Penis Extender Is That You Wear It Every Day For 4 - 8 Hours.

The Only Requirement Of Using A Penis Extender Is That You Wear It Every Day For 4 – 9 Hours.

In case you were wondering why I have only been mentioning length when it comes to this device, it is because penile extenders were designed only for penis lengthening. It does not affect the thickness of your penis (whether flaccid or erect).

Stay away from the cheap devices that are sold online… only use a high-quality brands if you do NOT want injury and you want actual results.

High quality penile extenders are usually priced at around ₦113,750 ($350). In reality, the average Nigerian man cannot afford to pay that amount for penile enlargement.

But if you can afford the price of this device, then you should check out the SizeGenetics device which is a high-quality device that works.

So there you have it, 3 methods of penis enlargement that works in increasing your penis size safely, effectively and naturally. Here are your choices:

Penis Exercise Program (Click Here Now To Get Penis Enlargement Gym Program)

Water-Assisted Penis Pump (Click Here Now To Get HydroMax Bathmate)

Penis Extender (Click Here Now To Get SizeGenetics)

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