The Real Truth About Penis Enlargement Pills?

While there are a variety of pills that you can take if you want to get stronger erections, increase your libido or boost your sexual pleasure… that is not the one that is discussed in this article.

There Is No Need To Buy Penis Enlargement Pills In Nigeria If You Want A Bigger Penis.

There Is No Need To Use Penis Enlargement Pills If You Want A Bigger Penis.

This article is about penis enlargement pills that are sold as having the ability to increase the size of your penis if you use it alone.

SUMMARY: Taking penis enlargement pills would NOT increase your penis size. In fact these products are useless when it boils down to “real” penile enlargement. They are just like expensive multi-vitamin supplements!

If you want to increase your penile size, a method that actually works is engaging in penis exercises.

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Are you interested in enlarging your penis? Of course you are!

Just by doing a search on the internet for the word “penile enlargement” and you would be presented with various options to choose from things like: patches, oils, creams, pills and other products. Their sellers all tout their products as being capable in helping a man increase his penis size.

Penis pills are usually marketed using words like: “proven”, “all-natural”, “safe”, “guaranteed” and the sellers claim to have testimonials from happy men and their equally happier lovers.

The real truth is that penile enlargement pills do NOT work the way they are advertised!

Currently, there is no penis enlargement pill that can cause penile enlargement!

There are just too many Nigerian men that are obsessed with the idea that using pills is the only way for them to increase the size of your penis… in fact some of them keep jumping from one brand of pill to another.

In a moment you would understand some important things about penile anatomy and why using penis enlargement pills just means that you have a lot of money to waste.

There Is No Oral Ingredient/Compound That Can Enlarge Your Penis!

You are not the only man that is interested in growing his penis; in fact there are millions of men like you in Nigeria alone.

So many men have made use of: minerals, vitamins, herbal concoctions, herbs, testosterone, growth hormone, amino acids and even fetish things like Juju (spells) just to enlarge their penises.

The big problem is… none of these things work!

There Is No Oral Ingredient Whether Herbal Or Orthodox That Can Enlarge Your Penis.

There Is No Oral Ingredient Whether Herbal Or Orthodox That Can Enlarge Your Penis.

The way the penis is simply does not allow for those things to affect it when it comes to actual enlargement. Once you clocked 19 years of age, your penis naturally stopped growing on its own… because puberty was over.

And there are no prescription drugs or hormone injections that can help in enlarging your penis.

Any website that is claiming that their brand of pills can trigger penile tissue growth and penile cell replication is a fake and is just using vague scientific terms to confuse the average guy that is interested in enlarging his penis.

The Scenario Where Penis Enlargement Pills Are Packaged With Penis Exercises

There are some popular penile enhancement pills that give you a penis exercise program (similar to the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) as a bonus. And they insist that you MUST follow the penis exercise program while taking the pills.

Going by what they say – when you take their pills while following the penis exercise routine, your penile tissues are forced to grow both from the inside and outside.

They claim that this is a better way to ensure that you get the highest penile growth that can occur in the shortest time frame and to also allow your penile growth to stay permanent.

These brands of penis supplements “might” have ingredients that help the penile tissue in healing after each penis exercise session, but in reality you do NOT need them at all!

To be clear – penis exercises involves using your hands to manually expand and stretch your penile tissues. And whenever you exercise your penis, your penile tissues get some amount of micro-tears in them.

The truth is – it doesn’t matter whether you swallow a penis enlargement pill or not. Your penile tissues would naturally heal and re-grow during the period you are not exercising your penis.

Whatever edge that penile enlargement pills claim to give you is over-priced and is not necessary since your body can do the same thing without any help.

Are These Penile Enlargement Pills Safe For Consumption?

The safety of any penis enlargement pill depends on the manufacturer because there are just too many penile enhancement pills that are available to any man that wants to buy them.

Yohimbe Is An Ingredient That You Should Watch Out For In Any Supplement.

Yohimbe Is An Ingredient That You Should Watch Out For In Any Supplement.

Penis enlargement pills are an over-hyped method of penis enlargement that doesn’t work. And you are likely to end up using a product that comes with negative side-effects if you use it on a regular basis.

Do NOT use any penis enhancement supplement that contains Yohimbe.

There are lots of male enhancement supplements that are marketed as being meant for boosting libido, strengthening erections and increasing penis size that include Yohimbe as their ingredients.

The issue with Yohimbe is that it is a herb that is not supposed to be consumed on a regular basis for a long time. It usually comes with negative side effects such as:

  • Nausea, bloating, frequent urination and rash
  • Persistent headaches and irritability
  • Irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure
  • Drooling, sinus pain, stomach problems and dizziness
  • Agitation, tremor and sleep problems
  • Stomach excitation and upset

Every brand of penile supplements suggest that you swallow 1 or 2 pills each day for 2 – 12 months, so, it is clear that you should stay away from anyone that includes Yohimbe as part of its ingredients.

If you want a bigger penis, following a penis exercise program for 2 – 5 months is a sure method that actually works.

Unlike using a penis enlargement pill, penis exercise programs (e.g. the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) are affordable to any man that is interested.

Two other method of penile enlargement that work BUT are a lot more expensive than using penis exercises are:

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