The Ugly, The Bad And The Good Penis Enlargement Methods!

The male enhancement industry is full of fraudsters and scammers – this is the reason why so many men are suspicious about most products.

Which Penis Enlargement Methods Should You Use?

Which Penis Enlargement Methods Should You Use?

As you already know, in most industries, there would always be the fraudulent sellers and manufacturers that would try any scam or trick they can think of to make a lot of money, so we should not really expect that the male enhancement industry is going to be different.

However, when it comes to penis enlargement, there are a few individuals and companies that are genuine and committed to assisting interested men in getting the penis size that they desire.

If you are interested in penis enlargement, then you need to know in details which of the methods are dangerous, ineffective and the ones that actually work.

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Here is a quick description of the ugly (dangerous), the bad (useless) and the good (effective) penis enlargement methods that are currently available to you.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

This method belongs to the category of “the ugly”.

Surgery Is A Dangerous Method Of Penis Enlargement.

Surgery Is A Dangerous Method Of Penis Enlargement.

If you asked a doctor what method to use to get a larger penis, he is likely to say penis enhancement surgery. A lot of doctors recommend surgery as the only way to enlarge your penis.

Even though there are surgeons that have created different surgical techniques to help in enlarging a man’s penis, none of them have the backing of any credible medical organization.

Even the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Urological Association & the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have issued statements advising men to stay away from undergoing surgery to enlarge their penises.

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A large number of men who sign up for penis enhancement surgery get annoyed and are NOT satisfied with the meager results that they get for the huge amount of money they paid for the surgery.

This is because surgery only adds 1 inch (maximum) to your erect and flaccid penis length. There are even situations where surgery doesn’t even give any visible increase in the penis length.

Apart from the disappointing results after penis surgery, there are guys that actually undergo a second surgery in order to fix the problems that were caused by the previous surgery.

Some of these problems include:

  • Erection that points downwards
  • Reduced sensitivity of the penis
  • Irregular fat lumps on the penis

There are also a few other adverse effects like: constant pain, erectile dysfunction (impotence) and urinary tract problems that occur after having a penile enlargement surgical operation.

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I have not yet talked about the expensive price tag that comes with having surgery, which could be as much as 4 million naira. This is only for one surgery and does not include a second surgery that you might have to do if you don’t like the outcome.

As you can see, the outcome of surgery is ugly – don’t even think of going for surgery.

Vacuum Penis Pumps

I would also group this method into the class of “the ugly”.

Vacuum Penis Pumps Were NOT Designed For Penile Enlargement!

Vacuum Penis Pumps Were NOT Designed For Penile Enlargement!

According to the sellers of vacuum penis pumps, they are supposed to help in enlarging your penis because they remove the air around your penis (when it is inside the cylindrical tube).

Removing air around your penis creates a vacuum and this cause blood and lymphatic fluid to rush into the penis to ease the pressure and this gives you an erection that is slightly bigger than normal. Since pump takes less than 2 minutes, it might be a little convincing.

However, once you remove your penis from the tube, it would gradually go back to its flaccid state.

This is the reason why a lot of vacuum pumps give you a constriction ring (also known as cock ring) that you wear at the bottom of your penis to trap blood so that your erection can last longer. This gives you enough time to have a few minutes of sexual intercourse.

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The manner in which vacuum penis pumps work by giving you an instant erection is useful for guys that are suffering from erectile dysfunction or weak erections.

Vacuum penis pumps were never designed for penis enlargement. Fraudulent sellers started marketing them as penile enlargement devices because vacuum pumps give you a slightly bigger erection, but they would not give you a bigger penis permanently.

If you use a vacuum pump for extended periods of time, there is the risk that it could damage the elastic tissues in your penis and make you dependent on the device to achieve a normal erection.

Penis Creams, Lotions And Oils

I would group penis creams, lotions and oils in the category of useless (“the bad”).

Creams, Lotions Or Oils Are Useless When It Comes To Penis Enlargement.

Creams, Lotions Or Oils Are Useless When It Comes To Penis Enlargement.

Some individuals (and companies) claim that these things can help you enlarge your penis if only you can rub them on regularly. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no cream, lotion or oil that can give stimulate penis growth.

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You need to understand this before you waste your hard earned naira buying products that don’t work! And you may even have your skin reacting to the ingredients in these topical products.

Topical products (creams, oils and lotions) are all useless; they can’t give you a larger penis.

Penis Patches And Pills

I would place this in the category of “slightly good” even though pills or patches do not give permanent penis enlargement if you use them alone.

Dermal Penis Patch Are Basically Useless When It Comes To Giving You Actual Penis Growth! Even Though Penis Pills Are Popular, They Cannot Permanently Enlarge Your Penis When Used Alone.
Penis Pills And Patches Do NOT Cause Permanent Penis Enlargement!

The few quality penis enlargement pills and patches in the market give you a penis exercise program that they insist you MUST follow diligently if you want to see results.

The best that pills and patches do is that they help your body in healing worn-out penis tissues while at the same time improving blood circulation to the penis.

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The only reason why some men take penis enlargement pills or use penis patches is that it seems it helps in reducing the time it takes to reach your penis size goal when you use them in combination with penis enlargement exercises.

Natural Penis Exercises

In my own opinion, penis exercises are the safest and most affordable method of penis enlargement. Engaging in these exercises would help you in getting a bigger penis. However, they require some effort on your part.

You Can Actually Make Your Penis Bigger Using Your Hands.

Penis Exercises Requires You To Use Your Hands To Manually Expand And Stretch The Tissues In Your Penis.

Apart from the stronger, longer and thicker penis that you can get when you engage in penis exercises, you would also get the ability to control your ejaculations.

So, there you have it, the ugly, the bad and the good penis enlargement methods. If you are interested in getting a bigger penis, now you are fully aware of which method to stay away from and which to use.

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