Thinking Of How To Enlarge Your Penis? Try Penis Exercises!

penis-enlargement-300x250If you are thinking of how to enlarge your penis, then penis exercises might be the way to go if you are like so many Nigerian men that just cannot afford an expensive penis extender like ProExtender or a water-based penis pump like Penomet.

Penile exercises are basically exercises that are designed specially to enhance the penis and they require no devices, you only need your two hands to do them.

Penis enlargement by the use of penis exercises is very real, it takes some effort on your part and the gains come gradually.

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There are so many men worldwide that have achieved success with these simple exercises.

In a moment you would find out about the following:

  • What exactly are penis exercises?
  • Do penis exercises actually work?
  • How do penis exercises work?
  • How do I start doing penis exercising?

Here Are The Fundamentals Of Penis Exercises

1.) Penis Workouts – When you do penile exercises, they work-out your penis literally. Just like the regular type of exercises for your muscles, penile exercises are meant to give you penis a workout.

2.) Penis Composition – Your penis is made up of smooth muscles and spongy tissues. Penis exercises work by exercising the spongy tissues and smooth muscle in the penis.

3.) Extra Benefits – You get other benefits asides from penile enlargement when you do penile exercises properly.

4.) Expansion and Stretching – Nearly all penis exercises work by expanding or/and stretching the penile tissues.

Penile exercises do this manually, that is you are putting effort with your hands (devices like penile extenders or water-based pumps do it faster and more effectively while you put less efforts).

5.) It Takes Time – when you decide to start exercising your penis, your routine will take 20 – 40 minutes each day and you would have to exercise 3 – 5 times per week. This depends on your level of experience and your enlargement goals.

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What Exactly Are Penis Exercises?

penis-lifting-dumbbellPenis exercises are specially designed exercises that help to enlarge and improve your penis.

These exercises are focused on making the supporting, skeletal muscles of your penis stronger; an example is the set of muscles in the pelvic floor.

And these exercises also focus on expanding and stretching the tissues of the penis so that it can create new tissue cells which end up making the penis bigger in size.

Similar to other exercises that are meant for other body parts, penile exercises help in building stronger smooth muscle tissues and cause new tissue cells to grow which ends up increasing the tissue mass in the penis.

Penis exercises come in different forms. They could be just a basic exercise to a more advanced workout routine that consist of different exercises. And just like in weight training, if you are just starting out, you should not begin by performing advanced penile exercises.

When you start with the basics in penile exercises and you are consistent with your penis exercise workout, you would definitely benefit from this proven method of penile enlargement that has help thousands of Nigerian men to develop a longer, thicker, harder, stronger and healthier penis.

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Overview Of Penis Exercises

There are so many different sorts of penile exercises. I will describe each of them in more details. Nevertheless, usually, most penile exercises make use of expansion or/and stretching to give you a healthier penis.

The most common penis exercise used by beginners is the Jelq

Doing The Jelq Exercise

The Jelq Exercise

To perform the Jelq exercise, you use an OK-grip to slide up the shaft of your penis, starting from the base (your pubic area) down to the head of your penis.

As easy as the Jelq looks, it is a very effective exercise that helps in pushing nutrient-rich blood into your penile chambers at the same time also stretching the penile tissues.

The Jelq is an exercise that most Nigerian men just starting penile exercises begin with and even so many advanced exercisers like me still do the Jelq exercise for penile fitness (not enlargement).

What Are The Benefits You Stand To Gain From Doing Penile Exercises

By doing penis exercises, you stand to gain so many sexual health benefits. The major reason why most men start doing these exercises is to get a bigger penis, but you get extra benefits that include:

  • A longer penis
  • A thicker penis (more girth)
  • Stronger and “rock” hard erections (no need to worry about weak erections anymore)
  • You last longer during sexual intercourse (more sexual stamina)

You would also get some indirect benefits when you begin exercising your penis. For starters, you would experience an increase in your self-confidence when you are outside of the bedroom.

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This is because most Nigerian men see the penis as a symbol of their masculinity, so when you feel good about it, you tend to feel better about yourself.

This then affects other areas of your life positively, both professional and personal.

Do Penis Exercises Actually Work?

This is the question that so many men would like to know the answer to.

So, do penis exercises work?

The answer is yes… and it depends on you!

If you get a penile exercise manual and you hardly exercise, you would not see any results. If you are irregular with your penis exercising, just don’t expect to see any results.

Unlike using penile extenders and water-based penis pumps, penile exercises take some effort from you.

Penile extenders are hands-free, while penis pumps are almost hands-free BUT penis exercises are 100% hands on… you are going to be stretching and expanding your penis with your hands during your exercise sessions.

So, if you want to see results then you must be prepared to put the effort.

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Let me back up the authenticity of penis exercises with a research study known as the Chartham study which found out that:

After 3 months, 28 out of 30 men demonstrated “permanent and verifiable enlargement” with penis exercises.

  • The average length increase was 1.04 inches
  • The average girth increase was 0.803 inch
  • The highest length increase was 1.4 inches
  • The highest girth increase was 1.22 inches

For a long time penile exercises have been an underground activity that men undertook as a way to get a bigger penis and please their women in bed but now the medical community has started taking notice.

In the future, they would be more studies that would be carried out to show how effective penis exercises are when done properly.

How Penis Exercises Work In Causing Enlargement?

The human body is designed to adapt to changing scenarios. Even though the concept of engaging in exercises to alter the body is not new, it is only in the last 10 – 20 years that this idea has been applied to the penis.

The principles on which penile exercises work is the same as what bodybuilders use to get bigger muscles.

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But, I am sure you have heard before that the penis is not a muscle right?

This is partially true – the penis not a complete muscle…

Diagram of a cut open penis

  • Firstly, at the base of your penis there are a group of muscles known as the pelvic floor muscles.Strengthening theses muscles affects your erection quality and also influences your ability to last longer in bed and become multi-orgasmic.
  • Secondly, there are scientific studies that have shown that although the penis is NOT the same kind of muscles like your quadriceps, triceps or biceps, it still contains a huge proportion of another type of muscle tissue called “smooth muscles

As a matter of fact, half of your penis is made up of smooth muscle tissue!

The smooth muscle tissue is what is responsible for your erections. And for your penis to enlarge and lengthen the smooth muscle tissues must be completely relaxed – this might be different from what you might have expected.


The skeletal muscles (like the ones in your triceps and biceps) are completely different from the smooth muscle tissue that is found in the penis.

However, just like your bicep muscles also influence the shape and size of your upper arm, so does the smooth muscle tissue influence the shape and size of your penis.

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According to the Journal of Urology, (February 2004): “Normal smooth muscle content and function are necessary for the initiation and maintenance of erection.”

The Theory Of How Penis Exercises Cause Enlargement

penis-enlargement-exerciseThere are some contending theories on the exact manner in which penile exercises cause enlargement.

However, the bottom line is that performing penile exercises makes your erections harder, stronger and longer lasting while also increasing the amount of smooth muscle cells or causing them to grow.

No matter how you look at it penis exercises give you a stronger and bigger penis.

The Tunica

The connective tissue layers that encircle the penis shaft is known as Tunica and they can be elongated by doing penile exercises (stretches).

This increases the potential of the penis to grow more as the smooth muscle tissue increases. It is this growth that makes so many men interested in doing penis exercises. Although you also get other benefits like: stronger erections and the ability to last longer during sexual intercourse.

The Inner Penis

Diagram Of The The Inner Penis

Almost half of your penis is hidden inside your body… so, you penis is a lot longer than what you think. This hidden part is what is termed “inner penis” and it is attached to the body by ligaments.

By engaging in penis exercises you can release some of your inner penis by elongating and stretching the ligaments. Doing this makes some parts of the inner penis to protrude outside the body and this shows itself in a longer penis overall.

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As a matter of fact, penis lengthening surgery is based on cutting the ligament so that the inner penis can slip forward.

The disadvantage of this is that the ligament is severed and your erection angle becomes affected – you end up with a down pointing erect penis!

It is a lot better to go the way of gentle stretching by the use of penis exercises (or penile extenders) instead of expensive and dangerous penile lengthening surgery.

The Types Of Penis Exercises

There are basically four kinds of penis exercises and they are:

  • Expansion/compression exercises
  • Stretching/traction exercises
  • Pelvic floor/erection strengthening exercises
  • Jelqing/combination exercises

Here are a few more details about each type of penis exercises

Expansion/Compression Penile Exercises

This type of penile exercise focuses on expanding the smooth muscle tissue cells inside the penis, by pushing them outwards on to the tunica.

In some cases, the expansion is produced by compressing one part of the penis in order to expand another area of the penis. An example of such exercise is the Uli exercise.

Expansion Exercises - Uli Penis Exercise.

An Expansion Exercise – Uli Penis Exercise.

Expansion and compression exercises are responsible for giving you a thicker penis.

Stretching/Traction Penile Exercises

This type of exercise focuses on gradually lengthening the ligament tissues, smooth muscles and the tunica. By stretching and applying traction to your penis, it causes micro-tears in the tissues which promote new growth of cells.

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There are stretching and traction exercises for different levels – from beginner exercisers to advanced penile exercisers.

A Stretching Exercise - Basic Penis Stretch

A Stretching Exercise – Basic Penis Stretch

Pelvic Floor (Erection Strengthening) Exercises

The pelvic floor muscles are the ones responsible for the strength of your erections. Having strong pelvic floor muscles translates to having the best erection angle that is possible.

Kegels are the exercise that workout these skeletal muscles. Kegels were originally meant for women that had just given birth and needed to tighten their vagina… however men soon realized the benefits of doing the Kegel exercise also.

To know more about Kegel exercises, click here to read my article on Kegels.

You can do Kegels anywhere and at anytime – in your office, while watching television or even while reading this article.

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Kegels are very easy to learn. And with good timing you can use this exercise to stop quick ejaculation and become a multi-orgasmic man.

You also get a lot of other benefits from doing Kegels exercise regularly which include:

  • Pushing nutrient-rich blood into the penis which helps penile enlargement
  • Improves your prostrate health
  • Helps in bladder control
  • Improves your erection angle

How To Do Kegels

  1. Find your pelvic floor muscles
  2. Contract your pelvic floor muscles
  3. Hold the Kegel contraction
  4. Release and repeat

Jelqing/Combination Penile Exercises

This type of exercise simultaneously expands and stretches the penis to encourage growth in the penile tissues.

Jelqing is perfect for men that are just starting to do penile exercises and it can still be adjusted for advanced users by doing it with a harder erection.

Jelqing can also be altered to help in correcting slight penis curvature.

In Summary

Even though you would not experience penile growth and improvement overnight, by spending just 20 – 40 minutes each day doing penile exercise, you would gradually see noticeable results after a few weeks.

Just like other types of exercises, penile exercises also require consistent effort and patience.

And similar to bodybuilding, exercising your penis also necessitates that you steadily increase your exercise intensity and time.

When you are just starting, less is more. Then you build up your exercise routine consistently and slowly and you would see more penile growth.

If you want to get a bigger penis using penis exercises, then try my natural penis exercise manual here – Click Here To Get The Penis Enlargement Gym Manual.

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