How To Treat Watery Semen And Boost The Quality Of Your Sperm!

If you and your woman are trying to have babies in the near future – this is for you. Recent studies have revealed that the foods you consume affect the quality of your semen and the strength of your sperm as you grow older.

To treat and prevent watery semen and also boost the quality of your sperm you need to embark on a diet that is rich in abundant quantities of folate, Zinc, Vitamin C and E especially if you are a man that is over the age of 35 years.

The Effect Of Antioxidants and Micronutrients On Male Fertility

A study of 80 male participants aged between 20 and 80 was published in the Journal Fertility and Sterility to find the link between antioxidants/micronutrients intake and male fertility. The average daily vitamin intake of the participants was recorded and their semen samples were analyzed.

The study discovered that the men who consumed more antioxidants and micronutrients either in form of supplement or in their diet had lesser chances of their sperm having any sort of damage to their DNA – most especially for the older men.

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According to the study, the men above the age of 44 years who consumed the highest amount of vitamin C were found to have 20 percent lesser DNA damage than the men that consumed little amounts of vitamin C.

If you are an older man that still wants to have children this is good news for you because if you don’t have healthy sperm your chances of having children with genetic abnormality increases.

Here are some foods that you can include in your diet to make your semen as thick as possible and make your sperm agile to impregnate your woman.

Fish That Are Rich In Fatty Acids

A research study published in the journal Human Reproduction stated that men who regularly consumed foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids tend to have better quality semen than the men that do NOT consume these foods.

Asides from taking an omega-3 fatty acid supplement daily, eating oily fish such as salmon, mackerel (Geisha), sardines (Titus) and tuna contain these fatty acids and they can also help increase your happiness levels and sex drive.

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African Walnuts And Alpha-Linolenic Acid

Going by the results of study that was published in the journal Biology of Reproduction, consuming 75 grams of walnuts (Juglans regia also known as the English walnuts) can help in improving the quality of your semen.

The researchers examined the diets of 117 healthy men and asked half of them to include 75 grams of English walnuts to their daily diet. After three months, the men that were eating walnuts every day showed remarkable improvement in the motility and shape of their sperm – the alpha-linolenic acid in the English walnut was responsible for this improvement.

African walnuts are readily available in Nigeria and it also contains alpha-linolenic acid which is the compound that improves semen and sperm quality.

Shrimps and Zinc

Going by the results of a study that was published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, foods that are rich in Zinc can help make your semen thicker and improve sperm count.

The participants of the study were men with fertility issues and they consumed zinc supplements for 26 weeks, after which they all experience a 74 percent increase in their total sperm count.

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You only need to consume 15 milligrams of zinc to experience this kind of improvement in your semen thickness and sperm count. You can either take zinc supplements or you can eat adequate amounts of shrimp, oysters, pumpkin seeds, eggs, chicken or turkey every day.

There you have it – by including these foods in your diet you would deal with the problem of watery semen and low sperm count together. There is no need to eat or drink harmful herbs that can destroy your liver all in the name of trying to treat watery semen and low sperm count… adjusting your diet is a natural treatment that works well.

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