UK Channel 4 Reporter Proves That Penis Extender Works!

A United Kingdom reporter for channel 4 proved that natural penis enlargement is possible with penile extenders.

Penile Extender Stretching Penis

Penile Extenders Cause Enlargement Because They Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penis For Long Periods Of Time.

His name is Tim Shaw and he is a well known and quite eccentric reporter. He wanted to find out if it was actually possible for a man to enlarge his penis size naturally.

Tim Shaw, just like so many men is interested in getting a longer, thicker and stronger penis and so he decided to document his journey on television.

And he found out what so many men have already known for years that natural penis enlargement is possible.

Tim Shaw’s TV program is called “Extreme Male Beauty” and it aired on the United Kingdom Channel 4. On this program, Tim Shaw shows different ways a man can improve his body.

According to Tim Shaw, majority of men are not really interested in building lots of muscle or losing the excess body fat BUT a high percentage of men want and desire a stronger and bigger penis.

When Tim Shaw went to do an informal penile size survey in a gym bathing room, he ended up feeling a bit insecure about his own penis size. This is what pushed him to go for a penis extender.

A penis extender is a device that is meant for increasing the length of the penis. It has no effects on the thickness of the penis.

After 2 weeks, Tim Shaw measured his erect penis length and it was 0.5 inches longer than it previously was!


Tim Shaw UK Channel 4 reporter

Check that out! And the new one now measures in at 8 stonking inches.. yes!””I don’t think I’m 8 inches…hell… I KNOW I’m 8 inches.”

Tim Shaw, Extreme Male Beauty, Channel 4

That is more than enough confirmation that yes natural penis enlargement is possible.

Other methods of natural penis enlargement that also works are:

With water-assisted penis pumps, you would tend to get more increase in penile thickness than length. However, penis exercises give you the best of all worlds, it increase your penis length and thickness and also increases the strength of your erections.

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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