Using Penis Devices Is Better Than Surgery!

If you are considering undergoing surgery because you want a longer and thicker penis, there is no longer any need to go ahead with. When you compare the results that surgery can give you and include the dangerous risks that it comes with it, you would realise that it is not worth the millions of Naira that you would have to pay for it.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Is Dangerous!

Don’t Even Consider Undergoing Penis Surgery – It Comes With A Lot Of Risks!

A better option that doesn’t require any effort on your part is the use of penis devices (penis extenders and water-assisted penis pumps).

Undergoing surgery to increase your penis length involves the surgeon cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. As for increase the thickness of the penis, the surgeon has to remove fat from other parts of the body and place it under the penile skin.

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Penis lengthening surgery adds about 1 – 2 inches to the penis length, while penis girth enlargement surgery can increase your penis girth by 1 – 1.75 inches. However, you are likely to experience one of the adverse effects that come with penis surgery.

One big problem with penis lengthening surgery is that there is a big risk of down pointing erect penis. In some cases the angle of erection is so distorted that penetration into the vagina becomes difficult for the man.

As for penis girth enlargement surgery, the fat padding that is added to the penis can be reabsorbed by the body or in some cases the fat can be rejected.

Generally, penis enlargement surgery can give you adverse effects such as: erectile problems, nerve damage and infection. There is also the general risk that all surgeries carry which is the issue of anaesthesia.

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Then we have the problem of money… the cost of penis surgery for enlargement can be millions of Naira… and it is difficult to get a surgeon in Nigeria to do it for you, so you would have to go to either USA or United Kingdom to do the surgery.

Water-based penis pumps or penis extenders

Both Of These Devices Can Give You A Bigger Penis.

If you are interested in getting a bigger penis effortlessly, then a safe and better option is the use of penis devices to be particular penis extender and water-assisted penis pumps. These devices would give you better results for a fraction of what penis surgery costs.

They have been lots of studies that have been published that show that penis extenders help in increasing the girth and length of a man’s penis when used consistently and correctly. Also, using penis devices helps in straightening a curved penis (either natural curve or the curve caused by Peyronie’s disease).

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With penis extenders or water-assisted penis pump you get the results that you want effortlessly without any serious risks.

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