Water Based Penis Pump Or Penile Extender – Which One Is Better?

Although I always recommend natural penis exercises because that is what I personally used way back in 2008 to increase my penis size, so many Nigerian men prefer using devices that don’t require effort on their part.

There are so many penis enlargement devices that are currently being sold, however the two dominant kinds of devices in the market are water-based penis pumps and penile extenders.

Water-based penis pumps or penis extenders

Both Of These Devices Can Give You A Bigger Penis.

And it is because of this that so many Nigerian men are a bit confused on which one to use… is it penis pump or is it penile extenders?

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Well, I would say it depends on which you prefer… more penis length or more penis thickness.

To be able to make a good decision let me explain further.

How These Penis Enlargement Devices Work

Before you spend your money on any penile enlargement device, then you have got to understand the fundamental workings on how penile pumps and penis extenders work.

Penile Extender Stretching Penis

Penile Extenders Cause Enlargement Because They Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penis For Long Periods Of Time.

Penile extenders are also known as traction devices. They stimulate penis enlargement by applying a constant stretch on your penis for hours.

While penis pumps are also known as hydro penis pumps in contrast makes use of water to form suction around your penis which helps expand the penile tissues.

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Unlike penile extenders that are worn for at least 6 hours, you would only need to use water-based penis pumps for 15 minutes, 1 or 2 times in a day.

Your Penis Enlargement Goal Determines Whether To Get A Hydro Penis Pump Or A Penile Extender

This is because the manners in which pumps and extenders cause penile enlargement are quite different, so your penis enlargement goals might be better achieved by one or the other.

For example, if you only want a longer penis, then you are better of using a penis extender. This is because penile extenders have been scientifically proven as been effective in increasing penile length.

Even though, you would still get increase in thickness when using a penile extender, but because this device is mostly focused on stretching, you are going to experience more increase in penis length.

However, if you are more interested getting a thicker penis, then you are better of getting a water-based penis pump.

The way water-based penis pumps work

Water-based Penis Pumps Work By Using Water To Form Suction Around Your Penis Which Expand The Penile Tissues.

This is because hydro penis pumps are designed to cause full outward expansion of your penis tissue and this makes it a wonderful device for penis girth enhancement as long as you use it consistently.

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You would still experience increases in your penis length, however the direction of the force from hydro penis pumps is aimed at increasing penis thickness first.

And if your main goal is to increase the strength of your erections, then using a hydro penis pump will give you instant results.

This is because of the suction that it creates around your penis with water and this forces blood into the penis, while the tissues are also being expanded.

So, when you use a high quality hydro penis pump like Penomet for the first time, you would notice that your erection is slightly bigger and harder than what it normally is.

Actually, doctors even recommend using penis pumps (either vacuum or water-based) in combination with a cock ring as a treatment for erectile dysfunction – this has help improved the sex life of millions of men worldwide!

Penile extenders also help in improving the hardness of your erection after months of use, but it is not as impressive as what a water-based penis pump would give you.

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If you eventually decide to use any of these devices, make sure that you keep using your device even after you have achieved your goal… this would help cement your penis growth gains properly.

What Is The Effort Required To Make These Devices Yield Good Results?

Like I said previously, you would have to wear a penis extender for long hours each day to be able to get the maximum benefit from the device.

Extenders like ProExtender can be easily worn for 6 hours during the day without any discomfort. This makes it easier for you to achieve your penis enlargement goals faster than if you only use it for a few minutes where it would not be effective at all.

As for hydro pumps, you cannot use them all day. As a matter of fact, pumps like Penomet can be used in the shower or bath (at least you must have a lot of water beside you to help you use the pump), and you go about your normal daily activity.

Water-based penis pumps are good if you don’t have too much free time and you don’t like the idea of wearing a penile extender for hours in a day.

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As per the cost, water-based pumps and penile extenders are quite expensive to get in Nigeria. But, the cost is well worth it because it is effortless.

A good water-based penile pump like Penomet costs around N89,000, while a good penis extender like ProExtender cost around N129,000.

If you cannot afford these penile enlargement devices, then you can always use natural penis exercises.

Penis exercises require more manual effort on your part but they still give similar results at a more affordable price.

You can try my natural penis exercise manual if you are interested in enlarging your penis and you don’t have the money to spend on water based penile pumps or penis extenders.


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