What Is The Average Penis Size And The Best Penis Size?

I am sure you already know that penis size matter a lot to Nigerian women when it comes to their satisfaction and pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Yea… penis size matters a lot!

Do You Wonder If You Have The Best Penis Size That Women Enjoy?

Do You Wonder If You Have The Best Penis Size That Women Enjoy?

One question that a lot of Nigerian men are interested in knowing is “what is the average penis size”, when in fact what they should be asking is “what is the best penis size for Nigerian women”.

A lot of men are unhappy and lacking in sexual confidence because they believe their penis is too small to satisfy a woman in bed.

And the added worrying about not being able to improve their situation makes their situation even worse by causing performance anxiety which shows itself as temporary erectile dysfunction.

So, just how big is the best penis size?

I am sure you must have your own image on the best penis size that makes ladies drool in lust and desire.

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First let us find out about the average penis size.

There are different surveys that have been conducted by companies (usually condom companies) and sex researchers (the most popular sex researcher being Alfred C. Kinsey) to find out the average length and girth (circumference) of the penis.

In all of these surveys, the average erect penis length ranges between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches and the average erect penis girth (circumference) ranges between 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches.

So, if you are above these dimensions then your penis is above average, if NOT, then you have a small penis – it is as simple as that!

But, even if you have an average penis size, you need to be aware that the average size is not what most Nigerian women consider as being the best sizes that has the ability to stretch their vagina and giving them the feeling of being full during sexual intercourse while also reaching deep into their vaginal canal.

In a survey that was conducted by Durex Condoms in the United Kingdom (this survey was not conducted in Nigeria), 67 out of every 100 women survey admitted that they were not satisfied with the size of their lover’s penis.

Personally, I am not really surprised… after all we men think the same in a way.

For example most of us men don’t consider the “average car” as being the “perfect car” or we don’t regard the “average salary/income” as being the “perfect salary/income” for us… so, in a way it also applies to how women see men’s penises.

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When it comes to reproducing successfully, the average human penis size does a very good job – just take a look at how Nigeria’s population (and the world) keeps increasing.

However, we both know that sexual intercourse is not only for having children (that is why condoms and birth control products were invented), in most cases we have sex because of pleasure, it is later on that you find out that your woman has become pregnant.

What Exactly Is The Penis Size That Makes Women Drool With Lust And Desire?

Even though women’s tastes vary when it comes to other things, what they consider as being the best penis size is very similar.

The best erect penis size according to most women is one that tends towards being around 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth (circumference).

This Is How The Best Penis Looks Like - 8 Inches In Length And 6 Inches In Girth.

This Is How The Best Penis Looks Like – 8 Inches In Length And 6 Inches In Girth.

Although this best size is just some inches more than the average size, the extra inches is what makes it a lot more capable of giving women more sexual pleasure and satisfaction during sexual intercourse than a penis that is of average size.

Since you now know the best penis size to please women in bed, if you are lacking in length, girth or both then I am sure that you interested in how you can enlarge your penis.

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If you are one of the numerous Nigerian men that suffer from a small penis you don’t need to worry as there is a straight-forward method that you can use to “upgrade” your penis and make you a better lover.

How… you may ask?

By using natural penis exercises!

Before you start being suspicious about whether they work or not, let me get one thing straight – penis exercises worked well for me!

If natural penis exercises worked for me, then they engaging in them can also work for you.

There is nothing special about me; I am a very regular guy, 171 centimetres (5 feet 7 inches) in height and I weight 65 kilograms (143 pounds). If these easy to do exercises worked in enlarging my penis, then they can work for any Nigerian man that is interested in getting a bigger penis.

There are also other benefits that you get when you engage in penis exercises like:

  • Stronger erections
  • Improved sexual stamina (being able to last longer in bed)

If you are unhappy with your penis size, you don’t have to be stuck with it all your life – penis exercises can help get you the size that you want.

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Just like bodybuilding can increase your muscle size, penis exercises can enlarge your penis BUT unlike bodybuilding (where you lose your muscle gains after you stop lifting weights), penis exercises would enlarge your penis permanently!

After a few months of diligently exercising your penis, you would be amazed at the new size of your penis.

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