Which Brand Of Penis Enlargement Pill Works?

Are looking for which brand of penis enlargement pill to use in giving you a larger penis?

Since 2001 when the internet became mainstream mass media, there have been millions of adverts from companies selling pills that they claim can help a man in increasing his penis size by up to 3 inches in just 2 – 3 weeks.

There Is No Penis Enlargement Pill In Nigeria That Can Give You A Bigger Penis When Used Alone!

There Is No Penis Enlargement Pill That Can Give You A Bigger Penis When Used Alone!

Yea… it would be wonderful if such claims were actually true!

SUMMARY: There is no brand of penis enlargement pill that can permanently enlarge your penis. You can’t increase the size of your penis by consuming anything.

You can only increase the size of your penis by consistently applying a stress that your penis is not used to so that the penile tissues get a little worn out, heal and re-grow to larger sizes – this is the way natural penis enlargement works.

There are only three methods of natural penile enlargement that are safe and effective. The one we recommend is the use of penis exercises because it is affordable to any man that is interested.

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Going by the logic of these adverts, the only thing you need to do to get a giant penis is to swallow some magic pills for 2 – 3 weeks… and that is it…

NO… NOT Really!

Just going by common sense, it is obvious that this promise is too good to be true. Even with the methods that work, 2 – 3 weeks is too small to experience massive penile growth.

But, the main problem with these pills is that they do NOT work at all if we are talking about real and measurable penis growth.

Right now, there is no penis enlargement pill that you can consume to increase your penis size…

There are so many Nigerian men that are obsessed with the idea that just swallowing the right brand of pill is going to give them a big penis that they get disappointed knowing that the natural penis growth they are looking for would not happen like that.

In a few minutes you would understand why these pills that are sold as being able to enlarge the penis are simply a waste of your time and money.

There Is No Oral Ingredient/Compound That Can Trigger Penis Growth!

The desire to get a bigger penis is something that most men have, so there are millions of men right now (as you are reading this article) that are looking for a product that would help them increase their penile size…

There Is No Herb, Plant Extract Or Compound That Is Known To Increase The Penis Size When Consumed!

There Is No Herb, Plant Extract Or Compound That Is Known To Increase The Penis Size When Consumed!

It is this huge demand that makes it easy for dishonest sellers to make a lot of money from desperate men.

Even though the sellers of penis enlargement supplements know that their products don’t work, the demand for it still keeps them in business.

There is nothing that you can swallow (eat or drink) that would increase your penis size whether temporarily or permanently.

Natural penis enlargement is possible BUT it is NOT that easy!

The way the penis is makes it difficult for oral products (pills, foods, herbal drinks etc.) to affect its size. Your penis stopped growing once you reached 19 years of age… there are no drugs or hormones that can help to trigger natural penis growth on its own.

Any company (or person) that is claiming that their brand of penis enlargement pill would cause penile growth because it can cause penile tissues to grow WITHOUT any external stress being applied on them is just trying to collect your money… real science says this is IMPOSSIBLE!

Some of the websites selling these penis growth pills throw around so many scientific words that you would think these pills actually work… the truth is that it is just a marketing ploy to get money from any desperate man.

What Of “XYZ” Penis Enlargement Pill That Has A Penis Exercise Manual As Part Of The Package?

Maybe you are considering a particular brand of pill that offers a penis exercise manual and the seller insists that you have to do the penis exercises regularly as you take their pill.

According to some of these sellers, when you take their pills while exercising your penis, you would be able to give your penile tissues the stimulation that it needs both inside and outside so that they are forced to grow.

They would also tell you that this is the best way to maximise your penis growth and keep your gains permanent.

Again… this is a clear scenario of telling half truth and half lie!

Maybe some of these pills contain ingredients that can help the body in healing worn-out penile tissues after exercising your penis BUT the fact is your body doesn’t need the extra help.

When you engage in penis exercises, you use your hands to expand and stretch your penis using different techniques. After you are done exercising, the tissues inside your penis get worn-out a bit and they later heal and re-grow to bigger sizes.

It does NOT matter whether you take a penis enlargement pill or not, the penile tissues would heal and grow to bigger sizes on its own. Any benefit that these pills are supposed to give you is too small to make a difference and so there is no need to even use them.

Are Penis Pills Safe To Consume?

There are a lot of penis pills that are sold, so the safety of a penis pill depends on the ingredients that the manufacturer puts inside since there is no official “standard” of what a penile enlargement pill should contain.

These penis pills are basically a marketing hype, so if you are thinking of using any one of them, it is likely that you would use a brand that contains an ingredient that would give you some negative side effects.

Stay Away From Pills Containing Yohimbe - It Would Give You A Lot Of Unwanted Side Effects!

Stay Away From Pills Containing Yohimbe – It Would Give You A Lot Of Unwanted Side Effects!

An ingredient that you should avoid consuming is Yohimbe.

This Yohimbe is actually the bark of a tree called the Pausinystalia Yohimbe found in Central Africa.

Consuming Yohimbe on a regular basis is going to give you a lot of uncomfortable side effects, some of them include:

  • Stomach excitation & upset
  • Anxiety, sleep problems, tremor or agitation
  • A racing heartbeat & high blood pressure
  • Stomach problems, sinus pain, drooling & dizziness
  • Headache and Irritability
  • Bloating, nausea, rash & frequent urination

Now you can see why it is obvious that you should not be consuming any penis enlargement pill that contains Yohimbe since most pills require that you take 1 – 3 pills every day for a period of 2 – 12 months.

If you want to increase your penis size, you are better of engaging in regular penis exercises for 2 – 7 months – this is a safe and guaranteed way to get a bigger penis.

Getting a good penis exercise program (like the Penis Enlargement Gym Program) is affordable to any man that is really interested in increasing his penile size.

There are other options that also work in increasing your penile size, however they are a bit expensive… they are:

  • Penile Extenders (use a high-quality product like SizeGenetics)

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