Why Most Ladies Love A Big Penis!

If you ask your woman if she prefers a big penis to a small or an average sized penis, she might deflect the question and even claim that penis size does not matter.

Ladies Usually Prefer A Big Penis To A Smaller One!

Ladies Usually Prefer A Big Penis To A Smaller One!

However, the real truth is that most ladies prefer a big penis to a small or average on.

Now, let us define what exactly do women consider as being “big” because what you may think is big is actually “gigantic” to women.

For most ladies, an erect penis that they regard as being “big” is one that is between 7 – 8.5 inches in length and 5 – 6.5 inches in girth (circumference). Anything above this dimension is becoming too much can actually hurt a woman during sexual intercourse.

Since that is out of the way, let us look at the issue of a small penis.

This issue of a small penis is one of the top causes of sexual dissatisfaction for ladies; the other causes are quick ejaculation, weak erections, in ability to go more than one round during sex and impotence (erectile dysfunction).

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The average woman is usually willing to help her lover (boyfriend or husband) in dealing with other problems in their relationship and lives in general BUT the moment it comes to this problem of her lover’s penis size, she is likely to say something along the lines of – “size does not matter, it is what you do with it that matters”!

So, do women prefer a bigger penis because an erect big penis looks more attractive than a smaller one?

Absolutely not!

The major reason why women love big penises is because they enjoy it a lot more during sexual intercourse than a small one.

A bigger penis has the ability to physically stimulate the pleasurable nerve endings which are spread around the vaginal walls and deep inside the vaginal canal.

Let me get thing straight – a big penis is not a requirement for giving your woman orgasms; you can always stimulate her clitoris either with your tongue, hands or using certain sex positions.

But, the issue with these kinds of orgasms is that they are not as powerful as the orgasms a woman gets when she is being penetrated deeply by a big penis that also stimulates her clitoris because of its thickness – these kinds of orgasms are longer lasting and a lot more satisfying to women.

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Anticipation is also another reason why ladies tend to like big penises so much. The mere sight of a large penis that is erect is very exciting to a woman and this allows her body to be a lot more open to achieving orgasms during sex.

Women Usually Get Sexually Excited Easily When They See A Large Penis.

Women Usually Get Sexually Excited Easily When They See A Large Penis.

For a lot of women, just looking at a big penis makes them to go into sexual overdrive mode!

In other words, a big penis enables a lot of ladies get into the mood for penetration even before the man starts foreplay. This scenario makes it easier for these ladies to achieve many orgasms because they are in a state of heighten sexual arousal.

There was a survey (it was anonymous) that was conducted way back in 2004, the results of the study show that 84% of the women who participated wished that their lovers (husbands or boyfriends) could increase the size of the penis just by a few inches.

This means that most women in the study would prefer if their lovers had a larger penis size. The study also found out that the women had NEVER told their boyfriends (or husbands) that they prefer a big penis to an average or small one.

Well, penis size is a very sensitive issue for men and no woman would want to deliberately hurt the feelings of her lover because most women believe that it is impossible for a man to increase the size of his penis so he is stuck with what he has.

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This is where most people get it wrong!

There are millions of men that have enlarged their penis using natural methods like: penis exercises, penile extenders and water-based penis pumps.

Engaging in penis exercises is a method that I recommend because it is easy to do and affordable to any Nigerian man that is interested.

The manner in which penis exercises works is that they expand and stretch your penile tissues beyond what there are used to (just like when you lift weights to force your muscles to grow) which encourages them to grow in size.

And just like any form of exercising, you need rest days that allow your penile tissues to heal because of the micro-tears caused during exercising.

These tissues later grow into slightly bigger sizes and after some weeks you would notice that your penis is bigger.

By engaging in penis exercises regularly you can grow your erect penis by as much as 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth (circumference).

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So, if you are tired of your small size or you just want to get a big penis, then you need to quickly begin using a quality penis enlargement exercise program like my Penis Enlargement Gym Manual.

After 2 – 5 months of regular penis exercising you would be amazed at how big your manhood would have become.

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