Why Women Love Long And Thick Penises!

Most men have average penises because in a bell curve of penis sizes most men fall in the middle which is average (about 6 inches in erect length and 4.5 inches in erect girth).

Ladies Prefer A Long And Thick Penis To A Thing And Short One!

Ladies Prefer A Long And Thick Penis To A Thing And Short One!

There is nothing wrong in having an average penis size, you can still make women experience multiple orgasms with even a small penis size, however you would have to put a lot more effort than a guy with a long and thick penis.

You may feel a little inadequate when you look at the heading of this page; still the reality is that women tend to love long and thick penises. However, in a few minutes time, you would not be concerned anymore about women’s preferences in penis size because of what I would reveal to you.

Okay, I just said that women generally love big penises; it is time for me to give explanation why women enjoy sex more with a man that has a big penis.

#1 – For Ladies, A Long And Thick Penis Is More Attractive Than An Average Or Small One

This reason is similar to how men see big buttocks and big breasts. Just like how you stare when you see a woman that has big buttocks or big breasts so is it with women when it comes to an erect big penis.

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Women simply find a big penis a lot more attractive to look at than a small one.

Most women if given the choice would always go for a man with a big penis to have sexual intercourse than to go for a man with an average or small size. This is similar to how you as an African man would always prefer a woman with big yansh and boobs to a lady with small yansh and boobs.

Even science backs it up that women actually prefer looking at big penises than smaller ones in this article here (<- click the link to check it out).

#2 – A Big Penis Arouses Women A Lot Faster

Sex is not only about physical stimulation, it also about arousal levels. This is another reason why women tend to like large penises – it makes it easier for them to achieve multiple orgasms during penetration.

For ladies, looking at a man with an erect long and thick penis sticking out of his pubic region is extremely sexy and this results in them becoming horny.

It is this eagerness to have sex after seeing a man with a large penis that causes them to go into sexual overdrive. This is what allows their vagina to be wet even when foreplay has not started.

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Just by looking at a man’s big penis, a lot of women get into the right frame of mind to have explosive sex sessions – and as we all know women love sex only when it is great.

#3 – A Long And Thick Penis Gives Women More Pleasure During Penetration

This reason has to do with the makeup of the female vagina. The vaginal canal is concentrated with pleasure nerve endings that are situated from the entrance to the deepest part.

In a situation where an erect average or small penis enters into the vagina, there would still be a lot of areas that can still be stimulated. However in the case of a big penis, it reaches deep into the vagina and also expands it from all sides – this gives a woman the extremely pleasurable feeling of “fullness” during sexual intercourse.

And during penetration, a big penis continually fondles the clitoris which is an organ that helps women achieve orgasm faster.

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This is because a thick penis base is more able to spread apart the vagina lips making it much easier for the penis to consistently fondle the clitoris when the man is thrusting his penis in and out of the vagina – makes it a lot easier for the woman to achieve powerful orgasms.

I am sure you are fully aware that the clitoris is a pleasure organ that your must never ignore when you are having sex.

There is one thing that is common with guys that have long and thick penis that women notice – I am referring to the high amount of sexual confidence that these guys ooze inside and outside the bedroom.

Also a man with a big penis has the freedom to use different sex positions and still focus on giving his woman a great time during sexual intercourse.

The case is different from a man with an average or small penis who has insecurities about his size being okay for his woman. It is this kind of condition that make it easy for anxiety and fear to set in, which in some cases can cause loss of erection or even no erection.

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By now, it is easy to accept why women tend to love long and thick penises simply because they get more pleasure.

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I am sure you answered yes!

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