Why Women Prefer A Thicker Penis To A Longer One!

potrait of woman holding a big penis

Most Women Tend To Like Thicker Penises More Than Longer Penises.

So, which of them gives women more pleasure when having sexual intercourse?

I am sure you instinctively know why a thicker penis gives women more pleasure during sexual intercourse but let me explain why thickness is better than length when it comes to penis size and women’s preferences.

In case you don’t already know this, Nigerian women (and all women in general) tend to give more importance to the thickness of a man’s penis than the length.

In fact there was a study conducted in California (USA) by SPAN lab that discovered that women were better at judging the thickness of a penis than its length – this means that women tend to pay more attention to the circumference of a man’s penis.

By using samples of different 3D models of erect penises, SPAN lab researchers discovered that:

The women that participated in the study were very precise in recognizing the same model of erect penis whether the recall was immediately or delayed. And even when they made errors in identifying the penis models – it was the lengths that they underestimated.

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One likely explanation for this is that ladies tend to care more about the thickness of a man’s penis, so they pay a lot more attention to it that the length.

We can also get another explanation for this preference by understanding a little bit about women’s sexual anatomy.

I am sure you know about the clitoris in a woman’s genitals – this small organ is like the female equivalent of the penis. It is packed full of sensory nerves and it is a big internal network of erectile tissues (similar to the penis) that responds to sexual arousal.

The part of the clitoris that is visible to the eyes is known as the “glans clitoris” – which is the sensitive area that most men only know of.

A Huge Part Of The Clitoris Is Internal And It Spans Through A Woman’s Pelvic Floor

It is because of the wide span of the internal part of the clitoris that explains why women are more fascinated with the thickness of a man’s erect penis than its length.

Diagram of the clitoris position in the vagina

A Big Part Of The Clitoris Is Spread Across A Woman’s Pelvic Floor Muscles.

Away from the visible part of the clitoris, it extends inwards into the vaginal canal and it spreads to form a “V” shape.

And attached to each of the legs of this “V” shape part of the clitoris (that is on each side of the vaginal canal) are some things called vestibular bulbs.

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These vestibular bulbs are oval-shaped and they are made of erectile tissue (that is just like the ones found in the penis shaft) that get filled with blood during sexual arousal and becomes firms and pushes itself out of the vagina opening.

Diagram of the clitoris position in the vagina

Diagram Of The Clitoris.

And right in front of the vagina is also erectile tissues that surround the urethra (urine tube) and the perineum (which is the area between the anus and the vagina opening).

A Woman Experiences Pleasure When The Areas Containing Erectile Tissues Are Pressed

When a woman gets sexually aroused, all the erectile tissue in her vagina area gets filed with blood and this forms a clout around the whole vaginal opening.

And when a man’s erect penis enters into a woman’s vagina (when she is sexually aroused), she would feel the penis pressing against the erectile tissue and this causes a lot of pleasurable sensations for her.

A Thick Penis Entering Inside A Woman's Vagina.

A Thick Penis Entering Inside A Woman’s Vagina.

A similar feeling to what a woman feels when penetrated by a thick penis is how you would feel if your woman squeezes your erect penis firmly – this would create a pressure against the erectile tissue in your penile chambers.

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For women this feeling is not just extremely pleasurable, this pressure also helps in creating some amounts of pulling and pushing of the whole clitoral structure when a thick penis thrusts in and out of the vagina.

This is the main source of pleasure that women experience during penetration because the clitoris happens to have a lot of sensory nerves.

You Can Give Your Woman More Pleasure By Creating This Pressure During Sex

From my brief explanation, it is not difficult to understand why women enjoy the sensation of a thick penis during penetration.

You can also learn how to give your woman maximum stimulation while having sex by using the shaft of your erect penis to rub the sides of her vaginal opening – this would create more pleasurable sensations and it would seem like you have more thickness.

You Can Please Your Woman More In Bed By Having A Thicker Penis Or Pressing The Sides Of Her Vaginal Opening.

You Can Please Your Woman More In Bed By Increasing The Thickness Of Your Penis (With Penis Exercises) Or Pressing The Sides Of Her Vaginal Opening During Sexual Intercourse.

The major way that women reach “vaginal” orgasms (when the clitoris head is not directly touched) is when the whole clitoral structure is stimulated when their lover is thrusting their penis in and out of the vagina.

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And the best tool for the job is a thicker penis, so it is not unexpected that women put their attention more on the girth (thickness) of a man’s penis than on the length of his penis.

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