Why You Might Want A Penis Extender!

When it comes to penis enlargement, I always recommend engaging in penis exercises. This is because I used it personally so I know that it is a very effective method of achieving your desire of having a larger penis. And with penis exercises, the only thing you need is your hands and well some privacy.

Penile Extender Stretching Penis

Penile Extenders Cause Enlargement Because They Apply A Constant Stretch On The Penis For Long Periods Of Time.

So, what is the need for a penis extender if penis exercises can get the job done?

If you don’t know what a penis extender is click her for more information.

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider getting a penis extender now or in the future.

You Can Get Faster Penile Growth

If you use a penis extender like ProExtender in combination with penis enlargement exercises, you are likely to get faster results than just doing penis exercises alone. Unlike penis exercises that last for 30 – 40 minutes, you would be required to wear a penis extender for 4 – 6 hours each day.

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Penile extenders provide constant traction on your penile tissues which creates micro-tears that heal. This repeated “tearing” and “healing” of the penile tissues gradually results in a larger penis.

Since penile extender is a device that is easy to wear, the likelihood of being consistent with it is higher than you always doing penis exercises because it requires some effort on your part.

You Don’t Need To Schedule Time To Use It

This is the biggest advantage of penis extenders over penis exercises and water-assisted pumps. You wear a penis extender and you go about your normal daily activities – there is no need to do anything actively.

When you wear a penis extender, you put on a loose fitting trouser and you go about your day – whether it is watching TV, browsing the internet or working in your office.

This innovative design of penis extender makes it so discreet that you can wear it under any type of trousers even jeans – this is what has made it a success.

You Don’t Need Any Privacy

One common problem that a lot of Nigerian men face when trying to enlarge their penis by engaging in penis exercises or using water-assisted penis pumps is privacy. A lot of men don’t live alone and so there would always be people around that it can be difficult to just remain in one part of their house (e.g. bathroom) for 30 – 45 minutes without having to give a kind of explanation on why they should not check up on you.

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With a penis extender, things are different. You just need a few minutes to put it on and then you can go about doing your regular activities and even your wife would not know that you are trying to enlarge your penis.

You Would Use It Consistently

Penis extenders are comfortable, easy to use and they allow you to do other tasks, it means that if you get a penis extender you are more likely to use it consistently till you reach your penis enlargement goal than if you were only doing penis exercises.

And as with using penis exercises, consistency is IMPORTANT to achieving your goal of a bigger penis.

If you want to use a penis extender, I recommend the ProExtender brand.

However, if the price of penis extender is something that you cannot afford for now due to the current economic situation in Nigeria, I advise that you engage in penis exercises.

Yes, it takes more effort than the set it and leave it scenario of using penis extender BUT it is just as effective and you have the added benefit of getting stronger erections and the ability to last as long as you want during sexual intercourse when you engage in regular penis exercising.

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