Women Prefer Men With Bigger Penises – Science Proves It!

According to a scientific study, a man’s penis size really influences how attractive he looks to women!

This is something I have already known since 2007 and science is just coming up with a study that proves it.

Science Finally Proves That Women Prefer Men With Bigger Penises.

Science Finally Proves That Women Prefer Men With Bigger Penises.

Even if you think you have a small penis, the fact is that the human male penis is actually the biggest of all the primates (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans… etc.) when compared to body size.

Also, the human penis is also more flashy, sticks out of our bodies more, right in the front and in the centre of our lower bodies – it does not retract like the other primates – making it seem like they are a nice decoration to the male body… you may ask why is this?

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Well, going by a study that was published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), it seems woman are attracted to penises, in fact according to this study the bigger the penis, the more attractive it is perceived by women.

The lead researcher of the study, Brian Mautz who is based in the University of Ottawa said it clearly in an interview posted on NBCNews.com that “Penis size does affect attractiveness”.

There have been previous studies that have pointed the obvious fact that women are generally attracted to bigger penises, but those studies have always been doubted (and sometimes attacked) as being both sexists and scientifically flawed.

This time, Brian Mautz and his group of researchers came up with an experiment with the intention of clearing up the controversy surrounding women’s preference in penis sizes.

They did this by creating 49 different, computer-generated, naked, realistic male bodies. Each male body differed in three qualities: flaccid penis size, height and shoulder-hip ratio.

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The research was carried out at the Australian National University, so as expected some Australian women (105 in number) were invited to participate in the study and were shown the images of the naked males.

Naked Male Figures Used In The Study To Access Women’s Attractiveness To A Bigger Penis.

Naked Male Figures Used In The Study To Access Women’s Attractiveness To A Bigger Penis.

The researchers did not tell the women which of the traits that they varied in the naked male images, they were simply asked to rate how sexually attractive each of the male images were using a scale of 1 – 7.

To make the study as unbiased as possible, the women were left alone in the room and were assured that their responses would be kept private.

As previous studies have revealed, ladies are more attracted to taller guys with broad shoulders and narrow hips (like those of a competitive swimmer).

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However when Brian Mautz and his researchers controlled those traits in some of the images, it revealed that a man’s penis size (both length and thickness) is just as important as his height!

The study found out that as penis size increase, the level of attraction that the women felt increases because they were giving the images with bigger penises higher scores.

As the flaccid penis size increased, the scores for the male images continued increasing in large increments until it reached 7.6 centimetres (3 inches). After 7.6 cm (3 inches), the attractiveness was still increasing but in smaller increments.

Asides from having higher attractiveness scores, the women that participated in the study spent a lot more time starring at the male figures with bigger penises – this is a clear indicator that the women preferred looking at larger penises than the smaller penises where they rated them quickly.

The study also discovered that fatter women had very strong preferences for men with big penises!

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From my own experience with Nigerian women, fatter ladies usually prefer big penises to small or average ones, I remember when I was flirting with a fat lady some years back and she asked me pointblank – “how long and thick is your penis?”

For you to be able to do doggy style with a fat woman, you need a penis that is at least 7.5 inches long when erect (and at least 5.5 inches in girth), or else it would just be slipping out because of the excess fat on her buttocks.

Okay, back to our scientific study…

The study also found out that penis size was the most important in tall men. Brian Mautz was of the opinion that a taller guy needs to have a disproportionately bigger penis for it to be clear to women that he is well endowed.

Although they are some people that say that worries about penis size are an issue that is caused by pornography.

However Stuart Brody (a researcher based at the University of the West of Scotland) who has carried out different researches on penis size, orgasm and satisfaction in sexual relationships says that although some pornography clips might reflect trends, there are strong evolutionary motives for women being attracted to men with larger penises.

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It is these “evolutionary motives” that interested Brian Mautz who also studies human mate-selection, or why we human beings choose one person over another when it comes to sex and child bearing.

Scientists like Stuart Brody believe that women make their mate selections based partially on evolutionary preferences and they might be using penis size as an indicator.

I am sure you must be wondering – what exactly do women use penis size as an indicator to?

Indicator to orgasms… every woman is looking for orgasms!

And Brian Mautz implies that orgasms serves as a pair-boding function which is important in mating – and I agree 100% with him!

Larry Young (a neuroscientist for Emory University) strongly believes that the large size of the human penis evolved over the years as a tool that was meant to stimulate the cervix and vaginas so that it can trigger the secretion of oxytocin in a woman’s brain and allow her to bond with her mate – this kind of bonding gives her offspring an advantage in surviving.

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Brian Mautz also states it clearly in his research paper, “Our results support the hypothesis that female mate choice could have driven the evolution of larger penises in humans.”

However, we are way passed the era where men and women were naked (or partially naked to be able to notice if a man has a big penis) – the only exception is in swimming pools and beaches where everyone is wearing tight swimming trunks where a woman can easily see what size of penis you have.

The bottom line of the study is this – you are more attractive to women if you have a big penis!

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