Yes Your Penis is A Muscle – So You Can Make It Bigger!

Several years ago I read a health column in Punch newspaper where a man was worried about the small size of his penis and asked the “doctor” what to do to increase his penis size… the doctor replied that the penis cannot be enlarged.

The Muscle In The Penis Is Slightly Different From The Ones In Your Arms.

The Muscle In The Penis Is Slightly Different From The Ones In Your Arms.

According to this “doctor”, since the penis is not a muscle there is no method of natural penis enlargement (like penis exercises) that can make it bigger. I was much younger then and I was forced to accept that there was nothing I could do to enlarge my average sized penis.

The Fact Is – You Can Enlarge Your Penis!

Now, I realize that doctor was ignorant of the fact that natural penis enlargement is possible. And yes there are actual research studies that have shown that using natural penis enlargement can give you a bigger penis.

Here is an example of such research study:

Effect of penile-extender device in increasing penile size in men with shortened penis

As at the time of writing this article I have not been able to see any research study on the other two methods of natural penis enlargement (penis exercises and water-assisted penis pumps) that I recommend.

This is not because they don’t work (they are just as effective) it is because these two methods require more effort on the part of the user so it is not as easy to conduct a proper scientific study unlike penile extender which is a wear it and forget it device.

Basically, the way natural penis enlargement works is that when you apply stress on the penile tissues, it heals and re-grows to slightly larger sizes. Doing this process continuously over a period of time would result in a slightly bigger penis.

The Structure Of The Penis

The penis has two major functions: discharge liquids (either urine or semen) and get erect so that you can have sex. It is made up of a number of different tissues that are important for it to function properly. If any of these tissues gets damaged for any reason, you would have problems with your penis.

Yes, Exercising Your Penis Keeps It Healthy

Penis Exercises Can Help In Giving You Stronger And Longer-lasting Erections.

Penis Exercises Can Help Give You A Bigger Penis, Stronger Erections And Ejaculatory Control.

Exercising your penis improves blood flow to your penis, which results in a harder and stronger penis.

In a 2005 survey of almost 1000 men that engaged in penis exercises regularly, at least 99 percent of the men reported that they have harder and stronger erections after they started exercising their penis.

In this survey, it was less than 1 percent of the men that participated in it that reported that they were experiencing weaker erections (in these few cases, it seems that the men were over exercising their penis).

Since The Penis Is Not A Muscle, How Is It Possible To Make It Bigger?

The penis is actually made up of smooth muscle tissue.  Almost 50 percent of the penis is smooth muscle tissue!

So what is smooth muscle and why is it responsible in making it possible to enlarge the penis permanently?

You see, there are 3 different kinds of muscle which are:

Skeletal Muscle: This is the muscle that you can see clearly, like the ones in your biceps and thighs. When you lift weights in the gym regularly, your skeletal muscles become bigger.

Cardiac Muscle: This is the muscle in your heart.

Smooth Muscle: This muscle is located in blood vessels and organs.

These 3 types of muscles have their differences but they all contain myosin and actin which are proteins that are essential for muscle growth and relaxation.

You need healthy smooth muscles for harder erections.

The smooth muscle tissue in your penis is important for giving you hard erections. This is because the smooth muscle needs to relax completely for your penis to become erect.

If the smooth muscle doesn’t relax completely, there would be no erection.

How Penis Exercises Increases The Smooth Muscle In The Penis

Engaging in regular penile exercises makes your erections harder, stronger and longer-lasting. This is because these exercises force the smooth muscle tissues to grow to larger and stronger sizes.

For you to experience noticeable increase in your penis size, the smooth muscle has to get bigger. Smooth muscle behaves a lot like skeletal muscle when you place stress on it.

However there is a difference between skeletal muscle and smooth muscle in the penis. When you build your skeletal muscles, if you stop lifting weights the muscle gains gradually go away with time but with the smooth muscle in the penis, whatever gains you get are permanent because the smooth muscle would not go back to its original size since it would get regular exercise from your normal erections (either when you are asleep or during sexual intercourse).

The smooth muscle is a lot easier to maintain than skeletal muscle.

The stress that you need to apply to the smooth muscle in your penis can either come in form of penis exercise (which requires your hands) or penile devices (which requires less effort).

If you are a very busy man and you can afford it ($320 per device), then I would say that you use a combination of penis devices (penile extender for increasing length and water-assisted penis pump for increasing girth).

Here are two penile devices that I recommend:

ProExtender (penile extender)

Penomet (water-assisted penis pump)

If you cannot afford the high cost of using quality penis device, you can go for a penis exercise program which is just as effective but takes more time and effort on your part.

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Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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