Yes It Is Possible To Get A Bigger Dick!

If you want to increase your penis size, there is nothing wrong with that. After all lots of men like improving different aspect of their lives so why should your penis size be any different?

You Can Actually Make Your Penis Bigger Using Natural Methods.

You Can Actually Make Your Penis Bigger Using Natural Methods.

However, before you overdo it in your quest for a bigger dick by using dangerous methods of penis enlargement or exercising your penis for hours each day, you need to be aware that the average penis size is usually misunderstood.

A lot of Nigerian, Ghanaian and African men who have average-sized penis think they have a small one. This might be due to the pornography movies that they have watched, the comment that a woman made at their penis or because another man at the beach (or swimming pool) had a much bigger penis than their own… the truth is a lot of men see their penises as being smaller than what it actually is.

For some men, pornography is the major cause. In pornography movies, the men are usually recruited based on two things: penis size and sexual stamina.

So, if you are comparing your erect penis to the ones you are seeing in porn – this would give you a distorted image of what the average penis really look like. You need to be fully aware of this in your pursuit for a larger dick.

How Long It Takes To Grow A Bigger Penis

The time it would take for you to increase your penis by the use of penis exercise varies based on some factors. Just like other types of exercising, the amount of time and effort that you put into it is in your hands.

Penis Exercises And Other Natural Penis Enlargement Methods Takes Time Before You Can Be Completely Satisfied With Your Penis Size.

Penis Enlargement Takes Time Before You Can Be Completely Satisfied With Your Penis Size.

Some guys do penis exercises for less than 10 minutes every day, while there are some other guys that do penis exercises for more than 1 hour at different exercise sessions.

However, you need to be aware that when you are just starting penis exercises, more is not always better. Exercising your penis for hours per day could be dangerous if you have not conditioned your penis overtime.

While exercising you penis for less than 10 minutes would NOT give you any penis growth but would keep your penis fit and give you stronger erections.

The problem with penis exercise is that since it takes effort and time to do it, some men do not do it regularly to be able to see results. They do the penis exercises inconsistently whenever they have the chance or the motivation to do it.

For some men, this inconsistent penis exercising may give some amount of penile growth BUT for most men, you would not experience any penile growth at all.

So, if you don’t have the time or the dedication to engage in penis exercises, the other option is to use penis devices (penis extender and water-based penis pump).

Using a penis extender and water-based penis pump is just as effective as engaging in penis exercises… the big difference is the price. Quality devices like ProExtender and Penomet cost $320 each!

Whether you decided to use penis exercises or penis devices, you still need to keep it in mind that exercising your penis too much could be dangerous. So when you are starting make sure that you begin with light force and hen your gradually increase it.

In the case of natural penis enlargement, slow and steady would keep you free of injuries and also get you to your goal of having a big penis.

How Much Penis Size Gain Can You Reasonably Expect

Penis gains vary from man to man. Recently I found out about a man that gained 3.5 inches in erect length and 2.5 inches in erect girth.

Yes... You Can Grow Your Penis After Puberty!

Yes… You Can Grow Your Penis After Puberty!

The man who got this gain started with a dimension of 4.5 inches in erect length and 3.5 inches in erect girth… so he was starting with a SMALL PENIS. It took him 2 years of exercising his penis for him to be completely happy with his penis. He now has a penis that is 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth when erect – this means his new penis is 5 times bigger than what it used to be!

There are other scenarios of men adding 1 – 4 inches to their erect penis length and girth. The common thing is that the men were dedicated and sometimes even lucky because of their genetics (for the big gainers of up to 4 inches).

In a natural penis enlargement survey of men that used penis exercises, penile extenders or water-assisted penis pumps for at least 3 months, the average gain was 1 inch extra in length and 0.5 inch extra in girth (erect penis).

If we look at this in terms of volume, the men who engaged in any of these three methods of natural penis enlargement for at least 3 months increase the volume of their erect penis by 42 percent on average – this is almost half of what they previously had.

As you can see natural penis enlargement work… if you want to know which methods to use, please check out this article:

Are You Looking For The Best Penis Enlargement Method?

Cheers… and have a great sex life!
Tayo Olatunde

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