Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

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Get A Bigger Penis Using Natural Techniques That Works!!  

Here Is How To Get Your Penis Enlarged Naturally And Safely!

Presently there are a lot of penile enlargement products that are being hyped and peddled as being able to get your penis enlarged naturally and safely, but the depressing fact is that so many of them do not give you any reasonable penile growth.

Even though there are lots of penile enhancement methods that are available to you online and offline, the only method that is guaranteed to give you clear results is performing natural penis enlargement exercises regularly.

These exercises are safe, effective and affordable to any Nigerian man that is interested in getting a bigger manhood size.

There so many variations of these penile exercises that you can perform in order to get your penis enlarged (both length and girth) and increase your erection strength.

Here is a brief explanation of the fundamental penile exercises that you can make use of in order to add a few inches to the thickness and length of your penis.

Penis Stretching Exercises – For Adding Length To Your Erect Manhood

Engaging in this particular natural penile exercise would give you a longer penis with time. The basic concept behind why this exercise works is that it stretches your penis constantly so that as time passes, the penile tissues gradually becomes longer.

There are so many varieties of the penis stretching exercises.

There are some variations of these exercises that you must begin with if you are just starting natural penile exercises and there are others that you do when you have must have been exercising for over 2 months or more.

If you really want to see penile gains when exercising, then you need to do the exercises 4 – 5 times a week. The remaining 2 – 3 days are rest days for your penile tissues to heal themselves and re-grow to longer and stronger sizes.

Jelqing And Squeezing Exercises – For Increasing The Thickness Of Your Erect Penis

In particular Jelqing and Squeezing exercises are very popular on the internet these days; the fact is that they have been in existence for hundreds of years. This class of penile exercises simply uses the blood in your penile chambers to help it increase in thickness by forcing more blood than usually accommodate into them.

Regular use of these exercises would result in a thicker and more muscular penis after a few weeks. The way the basic Jelq exercise is performed is just like the way cows are milked with hands.

Engaging in these exercises diligently would pressure your penile tissues to expand in width and would be able to contain more blood when you are having an erection.

Kegel Exercises – Increases Your Erection Strength

Have you come across the word Puboccoygeus (PC) Muscles before? Most Nigerian men do not know what this is or what it does.

The PC muscles are responsible for stopping your flow of urinating and also in controlling your ejaculations. When you begin exercising these muscles on a daily basis, you would see a tremendous increase in your erection strength, better ejaculatory control and more powerful ejaculations.

These exercises do not increase your penile size, however they are very important in your natural penile enlargement exercise routine because as your penile size becomes bigger, you also need to increase your erection strength.

Would you like to know more about the exact penis exercise program that I used to add 2 inches to my penile length and 1½ inches to my penile girth?

Then go to my HOME PAGE here to find out about our MANUAL that can help you if you really wish to get your penis enlarged safely, affordably and naturally.

Yours Faithfully

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