Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

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Get A Bigger Penis Using Natural Techniques That Works!!  

The Safest Way To Get A Large Penis?

If you want a large penis, then you are like the millions of Nigerian men that are not happy with their current penile size.

This is this popular phrase the ladies usually say to console men which is "size does not matter!"

Whenever I hear that I laugh because I know this is not true. Deep down, every guy knows that size matters a lot to women.

This is because no matter how they try to deny it or console us, ladies would always love big dicks!

A couple of years back, Lady Gaga said in an interview that she prefers guys with large penises.

Although most Nigerian women feel the same way, they cannot admit this openly! Ladies preference for a bigger penis is because they know that they are going to get more sexual pleasure during penetration than with an average or small size.

More pleasure from a large manhood is basically as a result of the fact that there is more friction between the erect penis and the vagina walls and clitoris.

An average or small size stimulates far less pleasure spots in the vagina than a big one.

Men with bigger penis find it much easier to give a woman multiple orgasms than guys that are smaller.

This is because during thrusting, a large penis is stimulating both the vagina and the clitoris and this makes it easier for a woman to achieve both clitoral and vaginal orgasms in succession.

If you are still on my webpage, then I am sure you are very much interested in finding out how you can get a large penis so that you can give more sexual satisfaction to your woman.

There are quite a few methods of penile enlargement that are currently available in the market, however it is only the one that has give me results without any side effects that I fully endorse.

Here are the methods available currently:

Penis Pumps

These devices were originally designed for men that have problems achieving an erection during sex but all of a sudden, they started touting them as penile enlargement devices.

When you make use of a pump, you put a tube into your penis and then you “pump” the other end to remove air around it. This creates a vacuum around your penis and it causes blood to rush instantly.

What this means is that you get an erection immediately. The erection you get is a lot harder and slightly bigger than normal because of the force at which the blood enters your penile chambers.

However frequent use of this device would not give you a large penis, instead what you would get would be sores on your penis and you become dependent on them to achieve a regular erection... which is a very bad thing to happen to any normal man!

Hanging Weights

There are stories running around on the internet that this particular method was used by men in Ancient Egypt that want a bigger manhood in order to satisfy their wives and concubines. I do not know the validity of that!

This method of penile enlargement involves hanging a set of weights on your for a few hours so as to stretch the penile tissues.

After a while, you would definitely see a slightly longer penis, the bad side is that your penis would become thinner and your erection would become weaker.

You do not have to use this method, there is an effective way to get a stronger and larger penis, you would find out at the end of this article.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

Going for surgery is taking it too far! For guys that are rich, they might feel they should just jump in, but after they realize that in so many cases, paying more does not mean getting the best results!

After 5 – 9 hours of undergoing a penile surgical operation, you might see a bigger manhood BUT the risks that can occur should frighten you from even thinking of surgery.

In so many cases, the men that sign up for surgery are usually unhappy with the results that they see. The maximum you can get in penile length using surgery is 1 inch; while whatever increment in girth you get usually reduces with time.

Herbal Penis Enhancement Pills

This method is quite popular because of the ease of just swallowing a tablet and magically your manhood would just keep getting longer and thicker.

In Ikeja (Lagos), I had even seen a few of these pills for sale in a shop that sell herbal supplements.

The sad truth is that there is no brand of pills yet that can give you a large penis.

Using this pills might improve blood flow to your genital area, increase your sex drive and increase your staying power during sexual intercourse, but when it comes down to permanent enlargement, these pills do nothing.

There are some brands on herbal penis enhancement pills that you should stay away from I you are still thinking of using them.

Do not use any pill that contains Yohimbe! This ingredient can cause unnecessary health troubles like: rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, overstimulation , insomnia and/or sleeplessness.

If you are going to use any pill, please make sure they do not contain this ingredient and they must be packaged with a quality natural penis exercise program!

Natural Penis Exercises

Regular use of this exercise would give you the large penis that you has so long desired. All they require is the use of your two hands.

These penile exercises can add as much as 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth to your manhood.

These exercises are divided into the beginner and the advanced. When you start engaging in penile exercises, you do the beginner for a 4 – 8 weeks period after which you skip over to the advanced exercises.

Doing these exercises manually stretches the length of your penile chambers and forces it to expand all with effort coming from your hands.

In order to get the best when doing these exercises, you have got to know how to follow instructions properly.

Like before every exercise session, you need to warm your penis literally. You do this by wrapping a face towel that has been soaked in warm water (it should not be hot that it scalds your skin).

Doing this simple act, relaxes your penile tissues and reduces the risks of injuries while exercising.

Natural penis exercises are not meant to be performed every day. You are required to have 1 – 3 days rest.

This allows your penile tissues to rest, heal itself, and re-grow to stronger and bigger sizes.

Gradually you would begin to see noticeable increase in the size of your manhood. Bear in mind that penile growth does not occur overnight, it takes a few months (2 – 7 months).

To be able to get the best when using these natural penile exercises, then you need to get a quality program that would give your clear details on how to do each of the exercises and the order in which they should be done to see the best possible penile growth.

I used these exercises and I achieved an increase in 2 inches in length and 1½ inches in thickness that was in 2008.

I have packaged my own manual for the Nigerian public and it contains the exercises that I used and I also put some comments on my own personal experience in the manual.

My manual consists of a book and a set of videos that would guide adequately on how to get the best penile growth possible when exercising.

To know more about my manual, please CLICK HERE right now, to get more information on how these natural penis exercises can help in giving you a large penis please CLICK HERE now.

Or to simple make an ORDER for my manual please CLICK HERE!

Yours Faithfully,

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