Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

Penis Enlargement Exercises For Nigerian & African Men!  

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Get A Bigger Penis Using Natural Techniques That Works!!  

Discover The Male Enhancement Technique That Actually Works!

I am sure you are very interested in the possibility of making your penis thicker and longer that is why you are on my web page.

If you are not interested in male enhancement, then you would not even be on my website first of all if you did not give a damn whether you have a small, average or big manhood.

Male enhancement is an issue that so many guys cannot openly discuss with other guys, because it might give others the impression that their dick is very small, which is what no man wants anybody to know.

The male enhancement industry is a very big one and so many men worldwide ”waste” a lot of money on useless products that are supposed to add a few inches to a man’s penile girth and length.

The reason why male enhancement products keep selling is that 90% of the human male population desires a bigger penis even though so many guys have average size, they still want to be bigger.

And almost every man knows that a big penis looks far more attractive to a woman than a small one. This is the reason why there are so many techniques being hyped all over the internet today as being able to give you a stronger, thicker and longer manhood.

The annoying fact is that a lot of these techniques and products are NOT effective... in other words, they do NOT work!

Time and time and again, so many Nigerian men have purchased products that end up give absolutely no results while some are suffering the injuries and damages from the harmful methods that they employed... it is only a few men that have actually succeeded in making the penis larger.

My aim is to assist you in discovering the most efficient and effective male enhancement technique that can assist you in enlarging your manhood safely. Too much talk already... here are 6 methods that are currently available to you:

Vacuum Pumps

They are also known as penis pumps... This used to be the most popular method of male enlargement a few years ago.

An Austrian by the name of Otto Leveder invented this device basically for men with erection problems.

The way these devices work is that they create a vacuum around your penis by sucking out all the air, after which you place a rubber ring at the base to maintain the erection. After “pumping”, your erect manhood would like slightly bigger than normal.

However if you use pumps in order to get a bigger penis permanently, it will never happen.

They just don’t work for permanent penile enlargement. The erections that you get instantly will look abnormal, cold, discolored and slightly deformed.

Asides these little annoyances, regular use of the devices can cause ruptured capillaries, lymph blisters and make you dependent on them to have an erection.

Hanging Weights

History has it that this method of male enhancement was used by pharaohs of Ancient Egypt in order for them to have a longer manhood to please their wives better in bed.

So many years after, it is still unbelievable that so many men still hang weights on their manhood hoping that they would get a longer penis.

This method would give you a longer penis definitely, it uses the concept of tissues expansion. Your penile tissues would grow in one direction only and at the expense of something else. What you would get from them is a longer penis and also a thinner and weaker one.

So are you still willing to sacrifice your erection strength and your penile thickness for a longer manhood?... I didn’t think so!

Penis Creams

This method is a big joke! There are so many so called male enhancement creams that are being peddled over the internet as being able to cause permanent penile enlargement.

Going by various clinical studies, creams (oils or lotions) an only increase the amount of blood flow to your penis which increases the strength of your penis... asides from that, you would not see any permanent increase in the size of your penis no matter how many months you use these creams.

Penile Enlargement Pills

The allure of just popping a pill is what has made this form of male enhancement quite popular.

There are so many guys claiming that these pills work... most of them are just trying to market the pills and make money.

So many of the producers keep touting that their pills are safe with no side effects... but can they cause permanent penile enlargement?


Yes so many of the brands of pills in the market use perfectly safe natural herbs and plant extracts as their ingredients, there is no concrete proof that these pills are effective.

I used a certain brand of pills (Vigrx Plus) for 4 months and I saw no improvement in the length and thickness of my penis.

The benefit that I gain was that my erections were stronger and my sex drive increased tremendously... no penis growth at all! This is why I don’t recommend pills to any one that is interested in enlarging his penis permanently.


I advise you not to even consider surgery... it is just not worth the risks and hefty price tag.

Surgery might seem very modern but it is not the best male enhancement technique that can help you get a longer and thicker manhood.

Even if you can afford surgery, please first stop to think of the complications and injuries that you can occur.

Undergoing surgery involves injection fat from other parts of your body into your penis and cutting the ligaments that attaches the penis to the pubic bone.

The maximum you can gain in length using this method is about 1 inch, while whatever gains that you see in thickness would diminish over time.

The other reason why surgery should put you off is that your erection strength is going to reduce a bit after the whole operation.

Surgery is just unnecessarily expensive and the risks it comes with does not justify whatever penile gains that you see... this is why I advise you to stay away from it.

Penile Extenders

There are so many brands of these devices that are available online and offline... so many of them are poorly designed and constructed and a lot of them don’t work.

However a brand like ProExtender seems to have a lot of satisfied customers.

If you want to add more length to your penis and you can afford the price (about 110,000 Naira), then you should go for a quality device like ProExtender.

BUT if you also want a thicker penis and a longer one, then penile extenders is not the male enhancement device for you.

This device can only lengthen your manhood; they are totally powerless in giving you a thicker one. There are so many brands that can give you pain if you use them for a long period of time and can even cause penile injuries, so be cautious about the product that you buy.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

This is the only male enhancement method that I am solidly in support of. This is because I used it for 5 months.

These exercises only make use of your hands.

All you need is to make out time from your busy schedule to do them. You can gain 1 – 3 inches in length and 1 - 2 inches in thickness using penile exercises.

I decided to use the exercises after I used pills for 4 months and I did not see any improvements in the size of my penis... and I am happy I made the decision to use them.

These penile exercises do not work overnight and they also require effort on your part.

However as long as you follow instructions from a quality program like the manual, I assure you that you would see results.

Please visit my HOME PAGE here to know more about these exercises that can help make your manhood longer and thicker.

Or CLICK HERE now if you want to get details on how to ORDER OUR MANUAL.

Yours Faithfully,

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